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Quote1 Placeholder. Quote2
― Saga Anderson

Mounted Deer Heads are collectibles exclusive to Saga Anderson's story within Alan Wake 2. During her story, she can interact with 12 total taxidermized, mounted deer heads in Bright Falls, Cauldron Lake, and Watery. Finding all 12 opens up the room (THE LAST ROOM) at the Elderwood Palace Lodge, which contains many useful items and ammo. Saga can track her progress by interacting with the mounted deer head inside her Mind Place, with a deep, disembodied voice stating how many remain deer heads.


There are 12 Mounted Deer Heads to find during Saga's story.

Return 1: Invitation[]

There are 3 Deer Heads to find during Return 1: Invitation, discoverable during Saga Anderson and Alex Casey's first visit to the Murder Site, and on their first visit to downtown Bright Falls.

Cauldron Lake Mobile Home[]

Deer Head - Cauldron Lake Mobile Home
Nearby the Cauldron Lake General Store is a mobile home with multiple Cult of the Tree symbols painted inside. The deer head is mounted on a wall inside. This is the same mobile home with clues used to open the nearby Cult Stash.
Quote1 Rest easy, buddy. Quote2
― Saga Anderson

Elderwood Palace Lodge[]

Dear Head - Elderwood Palace Lodge
Quote1 I feel bad for these guys. Quote2
― Saga Anderson

Oh Deer Diner[]

Deer Head - Oh Deer Diner
Quote1 You were a handsome deer. Quote2
― Saga Anderson

Return 2: The Heart[]

There is 1 Deer Head to find during Return 2: The Heart, discoverable after completing the Witch's Ladle Overlap.

Witchfinder's Station[]

This deer head is mounted above the ground-floor fireplace

Quote1 You were a handsome deer. Quote2
― Saga Anderson

Return 3: Local Girl[]

There are 4 Deer Heads to find during Return 3: Local Girl, all discoverable on Saga Anderson's first visit to Watery. One can be found only after completing the Watery Overlap.

Suomi Hall[]

Quote1 Such a shame. Quote2
― Saga Anderson

Watery Lighthouse Trailer Park[]

Quote1 That's a good deer. Quote2
― Saga Anderson

Kalevala Knights Workshop[]

Quote1 Poor thing. Quote2
― Saga Anderson

Watery Ranger Cabin[]

after getting screwdriver and overlap,

Quote1 On greener pastures now. Quote2
― Saga Anderson

Return 5: Old Gods[]

There are 3 Deer Heads to find during Return 5: Old Gods, with 3 located in the Bright Falls area, and 1 located back at Cauldron Lake, and requires Saga to first find the bolt cutters in the Valhalla Nursing Home Overlap.

Valhalla Nursing Home[]

Quote1 They're all so soft, and sad. Quote2
― Saga Anderson

Wellness Center[]

Quote1 Hi there, little friend. Quote2
― Saga Anderson

Bright Falls Ranger Station[]

Quote1 Hello, deer. Quote2
― Saga Anderson

Cauldron Lake Rental Cabins[]

  • return to enter the Cauldron Lake Rental Cabins inside Cabin 6.
Quote1 Hate to see them like this. Quote2
― Saga Anderson