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Quote1 Everything we know about the previous murders. Worth taking another look. Quote2
― Saga Anderson, Return 1

The Previous Murders is a Background Case in Alan Wake 2, viewable on the Case Board in Saga Anderson's Mind Place. Saga starts the game with this case almost completed, and the single clue needed to close it can be obtained during Return 1: Invitation.

In the format below, text in italics is tooltip text that only appears when a relevant clue is hovered over on the case board.

Cases tab description[]

  • Case in progress:
    • Wake wrote a book in the Dark Place called "Return." Scratch edited it into a horror story. I need to learn more.
  • Case solved:
    • This isn't a serial killer, but an organized group calling themselves "The Cult of the Tree." This is a very different case now, I'll need to reassess the evidence. I should open a new case file.


Image Description How To Obtain
Meta previous murders photo murders
A series of murders have occurred around the town of Bright Falls. Finding the connections will help our search for the killer.


Completion text: All victims reported missing in 2010. No other commonalities.

Image Description and Tooltip How To Obtain
Previous murders ted lane
Ted Lane. Dentist. Stab wounds, bloating, bruising on the wrists.
The victim was reported missing in 2010. Discovered in 2012, buried in a shallow grave.
Previous murders Wendy Davis
Wendy Davis. Teacher. Body bloated, large chest wound.
Found in Cauldron Lake, 2018. Some organs missing - Predation? State of the body does not match eight years spent in a lake.
Previous murders Percy Wolfe
Percy Wolfe. Store owner. Bruising, heart removed, strange tattoos
Found 2 weeks ago. Chest wound was ruled as cause of death. Tattooing on the body is illegible.


Completion text: Slight difference in murders. Bloating only commonality in bodies, but not cause of death (chest trauma). Exposure to water post-mortem?

Image Clue Description and Tooltip How To Obtain
Previous murders strap marks
Bruising on wrists and legs
Two of the victims had bruising - some form of restraint? Strapped or belted down?
Previous murders chest trauma
Deep gash in the chest, heart missing
Most recent victim died of major chest trauma. Consistent with 2018 victim? Hard to confirm due to condition of body.
Previous murders bloated
All bodies experienced bloating
Bloating of the corpse is indicative of drowning, but only one victim was found in water.


Completion text: NOT a serial killer. Organized group working with purpose. Ritualistic murders.

Image Clue Description, Tooltip, Audio How To Obtain
Previous murders body alteration
Post-mortem tattooing of the body
Victim #3 was covered in illegible tattoos. A message from the killer maybe? Or their "art"?
Previous murders victims commonalities
The murder targets have no discernable common traits
Apart from going missing in 2010, the victims have nothing apparent in common.
Previous murders animal butcher
Chest trauma resembles animal butchery techniques
Killer may be a sportsman or hunter.
Character bookers
The Bookers described multiple attackers wearing deer masks, chanting, and "tearing into the guy with knives."
Multiple assailants chanting with a matching dress code? We're not dealing with a serial killer.
Ed Booker: "They were tearing into the naked guy with knives." (ORIGINAL_QUOTE_M_PREVIOUS_MURDERS_ED_48722)
Interview the Bookers during Return 1: Invitation
Quote1 We’re dealing with an organized group of killers, not a lone serial killer. Quote2
― Saga Anderson, section completion (MP_METACASE_MURDERS_DEDUCTION_KILLER_PROFILE_SAGA_24124)


Image Description How To Obtain
Previous murders photo finisher
Not a lone killer, but an organized group: "The Cult of the Tree." This case just got much more interesting. I should open a new file, start fresh.
Finish interviewing the Bookers during Return 1: Invitation
Quote1 The Cult of the Tree is behind these murders. This case just became much more complicated. I’ll need to start a new file. But it’s my first cult case! Exciting! Quote2
― Saga Anderson, section completion (MP_METACASE_MURDERS_DEDUCTION_PREV_CASE_CLOSED_SAGA_24125)