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Michael Farabee is a character who appears in Alan Wake's American Nightmare.


Michael was at the party next to the motel which he was staying in. Emma Sloan stated that she had gone to the party with Mr. Scratch. Michael, for some unknown reason, told Dr. Rachel Meadows to leave the party and head to the observatory, stating that he'd catch up with her and bring food. Soon after she left, it wasn't long until Mr. Scratch had changed and then suddenly started to attack Michael, to which he never appeared at the observatory.

Mr. Scratch about to strangle Farabee

Scratch soon appears before Alan Wake on a television set. Michael is sat in the background, bound and gagged with a bag over his head, panicking as Mr. Scratch holds him hostage. Mr. Scratch tells him to be quiet and strangles him, with his body left on the floor of the motel room.


The player only interacts with him to pick up the keys on his belt.