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Quote1 Mayor Setter is a joke. And you know what? I hear he kills cats. Quote2
― Jim Figamore

Setter, or Mayor Setter is a dog that has been set up to run for Mayor of Bright Falls. He can be found at Suomi Hall after reading all the tag lines at all the mayor booth stations.


Across Bright Falls and Watery are various mayor booths that advertise Setter for Mayor. These include the following tag lines:

  • Mayor Setter will stand up for justice
  • Mayor Setter is not afraid of the rough questions
  • When you ask, Mayor Setter will speak
  • Mayor Setter won't roll over on the issues
  • Setter is Better
  • Vote Mayor Setter to sit (in office)


  • Setter appears to be a chocolate Labrador retriever.
  • Most of the tag lines are dog puns/dog commands.
  • You can pet Setter, which will give players an achievement/trophy for doing so.
  • Mayor Setter may be a reference to either Mayor Max, Maximus Mighty Dog Mueller II or Mayor Max III, golden retriever dogs that served as mayor of Idyllwild–Pine Cove, California. As the town is part of an unincorporated community, it has no local government, with the election instead being a fundraising event held by and for the non-profit organization Idyllwild Animal Rescue Friends (ARF).