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Quote1 Shh. Good boy. Quote2
― Alan Wake to Max, Episode 2: Taken

Max is a minor character appearing in Alan Wake. He was Ranger Rusty's pet dog.[1]


Max was an adult labrador retriever.[1] He had a bandage on his front left paw which covered an injury caused by a bear trap.


Bright Falls AWE[]


Rusty bandaging Max's leg

On September 9, Max was injured by a bear trap placed by poachers in the woods. Rusty took the injured dog to Elderwood Visitor Center to have his leg bandaged. They were visited by Rose Marigold, who had come to bring the ranger some coffee, and later by Alan Wake and Barry Wheeler, who had come to retrieve the keys to their cabin.

At night, the Visitor Center was attacked by the Dark Presence. While Max, who at the time was inside his kennel, was unharmed, Rusty on the other hand was severely injured. They were found by Alan Wake, who was then instructed by the ranger to go to the nearby office turn on the lights before the evil entity returned. Unfortunately, the circuit breaker had already been destroyed with an ax. The Dark Presence once again attacked the Visitor Center, killing Max, and turning Rusty into a Tele-flanker.[2]



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