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Max was a dog who appears in Alan Wake.


Rusty bandaging Max's leg

Max is a dog who was injured by a bear trap from poachers in the woods. When Alan first checks in to obtain cabin keys, he can be found laying on a table with his paw bandaged by Rusty.

Later on, when Rusty is hurt inside Elderwood Visitor Center, Max is in a cage to Rusty's right. When Rusty he is carried away, barking is heard and upon returning, Max is lying just outside the hole in the wall, dead.


If you talk to Rusty, he says that the dog got caught in one of the bear traps. This foreshadows the fact that the player will be encountering the same sort of traps when they go into the forest.

After Rusty is attacked and before Alan Wake leaves to turn on the lights, you can walk up to the dog's kennel and Alan will say "Shh. Good boy".