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Logan Anderson is a character in Alan Wake 2. She is the daughter of protagonist Saga Anderson.



Quote1 I saw this online and it made me think of you. Okay, what are you doing - don't make a big deal out of it, Mom. No hugs. Quote2
― Logan, Return 9: Come Home

Logan gifted her mom a coffee mug reading "Not the Worst Mom", which Saga brings with her on all her cases.

Logan and her parents enjoy watching Night Springs.

Alan Wake 2[]

Quote1 Hey, Mom. I made you a charm bracelet, for good luck. I made a matching one for me, so bring back something cool from Washington. Quote2
― Logan, Return 9: Come Home

Before Saga left for Bright Falls, Logan made matching charm bracelets for her and her mom.

Logan and her mom talk briefly over the phone as her mom and Alex Casey drive to Cauldron Lake for the first time. Logan is at home with her dad, watching the latest episode of Night Springs. Before ending the call, she asks her mom to tell Casey to cheer up.

On another call, during Saga's drive back to Bright Falls after defeating Nightingale, Saga learns that Logan had slipped and hit her head in the shower. We learn that David heard the fall, and Logan is okay aside from a slight concussion. However, had he not heard the fall, Logan could have drowned.

False History[]

Due to the reality-altering effects of Cauldron Lake and Return, an alternate history takes shape where both Saga and Logan lived in Watery for some time before the events of Alan Wake 2.

The first mention of an alternate history comes from Rose Marigold at the Oh Deer Diner. Details are further elaborated on by Vladimir Blum, the Koskela Brothers, and a visit to "Saga's Trailer" at the Watery Lighthouse Trailer Park. Final details are confirmed by Alex Casey and David Woods shortly before Saga's final trip to Cauldron Lake

Sometime before July of 2019, Logan's parents divorced, and she and her mom moved to Watery, and lived in Trailer #2 in the Watery Lighthouse Trailer Park. From her room, we learn that Logan knew her great granddad and great granduncle, and had similar interests to her unaltered history self.

Tragically, on Tuesday, July 16, 2019, 9-year-old Logan Anderson drowned in Cauldron Lake after getting lost in the woods. Despite her mother's discovery and the efforts of emergency responders, she could not be revived.


  • Logan is voiced by Drew Hylton.
  • During their second trip to Cauldron Lake in pursuit of Nightingale, Casey has a line of dialogue mentioning that “Logan’s birthday is coming up”, indicating it is sometime in the fall.




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