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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Numerous Locations are seen throughout Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare. A comprehensive list of most notable locations in the game lies below:

Locations in Alan Wake[]

Bright Falls[]

The Good Life

Bright Falls

Main article: Bright Falls

First formed as a nameless trading post, Bright Falls' origin is unknown, but it was incorporated in 1878 after the formation of Bright Falls Mining Company by noted industrialist Hubert Biltmore and pioneer Amos Gunderson. The building containing the post office, saloon, and hotel still stands. The town has flourished and now rivals the nearby town of Watery for its spectacular views and friendly locals. Stay a while, won't you?

Cauldron Lake[]


Cauldron Lake

Main article: Cauldron Lake

One of the most impressive deep caldera lakes in world, this collapsed (and still dormant) volcano is steeped in mystery. According to Native American legend, it was the gate to the underworld. A magnet for those seeking solace, or access to its coll, dark waters, this is a great place to unwind, relax, and watch time pass you by. With views of the spectacular mountain peaks, and the impressive Cauldron Lake Lodge, this is one place you're sure to be drawn to.

Bird Leg Cabin[]


Bird Leg Cabin

Main article: Bird Leg Cabin

This photo, reprinted by permission of Cynthia Weaver, shows the cabin out on Diver's Isle on Cauldron Lake. The cabin takes its name from the topography of the island itself, shaped like the imprint of a bird's leg, and provided some of the most spectacular lakeside views ever put to photographic paper. Like a place lost in the mists of time, Bird Leg Cabin has been home to many an artist over the years. Alas, the island was destroyed during a volcanic eruption in 1970.

Biltmore Logging Camps[]


Biltmore Logging Camps

Main article: Biltmore Logging Camps

Once part of the Hubert Biltmore's original land claim, this is now part of the Biltmore Industry's responsible logging program. Three linked camps provide timber around the United States, and guided tours show a variety of the milling processes. Due to the inherent dangers, it is advisable to arrange a tour by appointment. Sustainable logging, with two trees planted for every one felled, is part of Bright Falls' commitment to the land, and Mother Nature.

Stucky's Gas Station[]


Stucky's Gas Station

Main article: Stucky's Gas Station

Whether you require Puma oils, a new pair of sunglasses, maps, or even the delicious apples from the Breaker farm, this one-stop shop allows you to fill up your tank while gazing at the wonder of the Black River and surrounding pine forests. Owned and operated by the Stucky family for generations. Always expect a friendly face when you pull in here!

Elderwood Visitor Center[]


Elderwood Visitor Center

Main article: Elderwood Visitor Center

The center of the Elderwood National Park is the visitor center and ranger office. Close to a number of rental cabins offering unmatched views, the visitor center is home to Buck-Toothed Charlie, a fine example of a 14,000 year old Columbian Mammoth. Shop at the store, and be sure to meet Rusty the park ranger and his dog, Max. Rusty is happy to introduce you to the finer points of his work.

Elderwood National Park[]

Elderwood National Park

Elderwood National Park

Main article: Elderwood National Park

Have you met our park mascot? Then set out with a picnic, and enjoy the dappled sunlight and spectacular forest canopies throughout the Park. With numerous stops along the way to view Moonshine Cave, The Great Old One, the Old Mill (currently not open to the public), or the campgrounds, this is a magical place for hikers and day-trippers alike. Watch your step at Lovers' Peak!

Sparkling River Estates[]

When the Boat Comes In

Sparkling River Estates

Main article: Sparkling River Estates

If you're thinking about an extended stay or even employment in the Bright Falls area, this delightful cluster of movable housing is a wonderful community to be part of. Run by Mr. Randolph, purveyor of a variety of hot food-stuffs on the premises, everyone is welcomed here. Residents have been truly touched by visitors to the place, and you are most welcome to sit at a spell, rent a trailer, and wander the dry creek in the nearby woods.

KBF-FM Radio Station[]

KBF-FM station
Main article: KBF-FM Radio Station

Attention all insomniacs! KBF-FM's Night Owl show with Pat Maine is a local favorite, and the man himself is happy to give guided tours of the premises, in the remote cliffs overlooking the train depot. Maine's homespun mixture of talk, light rock, and reports on the local flavor have won him fans across the globe. As he likes to say; "When it comes to my listeners, I certainly give a hoot!". After a hard day's slog, it's refreshing to escape with Pat Maine.

Bright Falls Coal Mine[]

Bright Falls Coal mine

Bright Falls Coal Mine

Main article: Bright Falls Coal Mine Museum

The checkered history of the Bright Falls Coal Mine is yours to discover! From the discovery of coal seams in the late 19th century to the mine's heyday and final mothballing after the 1970 earthquake, this is a fascinating place to explore. Although many of the buildings are in the process of being restored, the vistas are truly sensational, and the atmosphere - especially in the train yard - is electric.

Gray Peak Gorge Ghost Town[]


Gray Peak Gorge Ghost Town

Main article: Gray Peak Gorge Ghost Town

Bright Falls territory boasts not one but two ghost towns, and the first is nestled along the bluffs overlooking the coal mine museum. Parents with small children should be careful, as some of the structures on this site are liable to subsidence. But the flavor of yesteryear is captured fully, complete with barns, carriages, and even a miner's shack next to an old, rusting train. Don't worry; We're sure there's life in that iron horse yet!

Old Silver Mine[]

Old Silver Mine

Old Silver Mine

Main article: Old Silver Mine

Farther along the cliffs, which are currently out-of-bounds to the general public, are the workings of an old silver mine, abandoned after being recently stripped of all its ore, as well as the extended closure due to earthquakes. The mine's seams run deep; Some say they lead to hidden grottoes close to Cauldron Lake. Ask about the guided tour if you want to truly experience the claustrophobia. You're often reminded of a plunge into the deep.

Cauldron Lake Lodge[]


Cauldron Lake Lodge

Main article: Cauldron Lake Lodge

Also known as The Sleep Clinic, this magnificent structure, constructed in the craftsman style by owner and world-renowned psychologist Doctor Emil Hartman, dominates the upper ridge of Cauldron Lake. Not open to the general public except for tours on Saturdays, this place helps creative types get back on track. Don't let the dark clouds get you down either; Escape to the hedge maze and formal gardens where a particularly hardy Birch grow.

Anderson Farm[]


Anderson Farm

Main article: Anderson Farm

Are you ready to rock, and till the land? Then come down and experience the birthplace of the Gods of Asgard; The amazing Anderson farmstead. Acres of gently rolling terrain surrounded by cliffs give way to hay fields, the infamous "Dragon Stage," and the deep blue amazing Viking longship. Fans of Tor and Odin? This is the place that answers all your questions! Tours are by appointment only.

Bright Falls Light & Power[]


Bright Falls Light and Power

Main article: Bright Falls Light & Power

This power plant provides all the light in the region. With recent developments in hydroelectric energy, and the recent earthquake activities, the power plant, along with the nearby warehouses, transformer yard, and swing bridge, are open for local visitors only. We appreciate your respect for the privacy of the occupants in this neighborhood, and ask you to not disturb them.

Bright Falls Dam[]


Bright Falls Dam

Main article: Bright Falls Dam

Holding back the mighty waters of the reservoir behind it, the dam has recently been mothballed due to increased earthquake activity and hydroelectric power plants in other parts of the state. This area is strictly off-limits to visitors, and the dangerous cliff path has no proper safety rails. The dam road itself is open, but to local traffic only. Recent seismic tests have resulted in a whirlwind of activity. Expect heavy delays.

Majestic Motel[]

Majeastic motell
Main article: The Majestic Motell

Are you looking for a quaint but comfortable room in a locally owned motel, offering cheap rates and views? Then why not stay at the Majestic Motel? There's always a room available! It has laundry facilities, wireless internet, cable TV, and a kitchenette in every room! Surrounded by the dry gorge and fields where there are always activities to engage in, the Majestic is your home away from home. Call the motel at 555-8923.

Larsen's Auto Salvage[]

Main article: Larsen's Auto Salvage

If you're after a bargain used automobile, or you want a piece finely-crafted junk sculpture, head up along the highway to Larsen's. This local business is at the forefront of recycling. Employing the latest machinery so up-to-date they're almost automated, Larsen's recycles with the best of them. Be sure to check in at the front gate, as trespassers will be prosecuted. Need to get the better of a machine? Come to Larsen's Auto Salvage, and crush the opposition!

Southeast Cliffs Ghost Town[]

Southeast Cliffs Ghost Town

Southeast Cliffs Ghost Town

Main article: Southeast Cliffs Ghost Town

A favorite haunt of hikers heading to Cauldron Lake via the finger promontory, this ghost town, built on a scar amid the southeast cliffs, is a true throwback to the times of prospectors. Featuring original structures and currently undergoing a thorough proposed renovation, the pace looks deserted, but there's a hive of activity, especially at the upper end of the ancient thoroughfare, near the chapel. Head here if you can; You'll have a blast!