Lincoln MKT

Catalog Description: Quick and nimble, with a good turning circle, and little body roll or sway. The three-row luxury cross over. Explore the unparalleled luxury of MKT, Panoramic vista roof™! Drive one  today!


The car in the Bright Falls mini-series.

The 2010 Lincoln MKT is a licensed vehicle in Alan Wake. It's the car of Alan and Alice. Chronologically, it's seen first in the live action mini-series, at the end of episode Clearcut. In the game, it's first seen on the ferry. After that, Alice drives it to the Oh Deer Diner, where Alan gets the keys to the cabin. After that, they drive it to the cabin. A week later, when Alan is escaping from the Dark Presence, he escapes with the car. However, he is exhausted and crashes the car, and it falls on the edge of a cliff next to the road. Alan manages to leave the car before it plunges into the ravine.

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