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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Licensed Properties (30G/Bronze) is an achievement/trophy in Alan Wake, DLC Special 2: The Writer.



  • Special 2: Discover 10 Night Springs video games.


  • You collected all 10 Night Springs video games.


  • Video Game (1/10):
    Shortly after the episode starts, you'll climb a ladder that leads to a hedge maze. Follow it to the left when given the option (the right leads to Imaginary Barry).
  • Video Game (2/10):
    After fighting off the first group of enemies, you'll enter the lodge and see Barry. Turn around from where he is and you'll see a fireplace with the game on the left side.
  • Video Game (3/10):
    Just as you start walking outside of the above lodge (through the back), go down the stairs heading straight and you'll see it on your left.
  • Video Game (4/10):
    You'll get to a word that says "cabin" after using a floating boat. Create the cabin with your flashlight, then enter and exit it right away. The cabin will start spinning in circles. Wait until you see the edge (cabin will be upside down) with the chimney. Now wait until it spins enough to where you can walk to the next area and grab the collectible.
  • Video Game (5/10):
    Once you get to the gas station, look to the right and you'll see the DeerFest truck. Go right and into the terrain and you'll find a bed without a mattress with a game on it. There are a lot of Taken, so you may want to grab it and run to the nearest Safe Haven.
  • Video Game (6/10):
    Eventually you'll come to the big bridge with lights everywhere and two trucks. One of those trucks has logs on it. Go straight and around the truck. Keep an eye out to the right to find the collectible.
  • Video Game (7/10):
    After climbing the bridge, then using the tree to get down to ground level, keep to the left-most path. You should see the lower half of a large rusted ship, and it's to the back behind and to the right of it.
  • Video Game (8/10):
    In the rusty plane you used to cross a gap, there is a video game. Go to the back end of the plane and you can jump inside and get it.
  • Video Game (9/10):
    Before going inside the lighthouse, go around and behind it. The game is on a red chair.
  • Video Game (10/10):
    After climbing the lighthouse, you'll enter a cutscene. Once it's over, you'll be facing the bridge and sign "Divers Isle". Turn completely around and run up the hill all the way to the top. The last collectible is on the left on a stump.


  • The collectibles are in the form of Xbox 360 cases. They give out a faint Xbox 360 sound when you are near them.



Licensed Properties