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The Koskelas Ads are collectibles in Saga Anderson's story in Alan Wake 2. They are a series of TV commercials made by the Koskela brothers.


In total, there are 6 commercials to be found. The Koskelas star in all, except for the Review video, where Ilmo's alone. The running gag is that Ilmo is always very enthusiastic while Jaakko delivers his lines in a deadpan tone.

  • Adventure Tours
  • Ahma Beer
  • Bright Falls Blend
  • Coffee World
  • Parade Floats
  • "Return" Review

Adventure Tours[]

Despite the government having closed off certain areas, the Koskelas give them the middle finger. It's one of the few moments where Jaakko clearly enjoys being in the commercial.

Ahma Beer[]

The Koskelas promote their own brewn beer brand Ahma. Locally sourced in Puerto Rico.

Bright Falls Blend[]

According to the commercial, their special coffee is good for:

  • energy
  • vision
  • libido
  • spirituality

Coffee World[]

The Koskelas promote their multiple attractions found in Coffee World.

Parade Floats[]

The parade floats for deerfest and beyond are made at the Kalevala Knights workshop. An elderly man reviews one of the floats of previous year over the phone.

"Return" Review[]

This is the only commercial where Ilmo is the only Koskela present. It's set after Jaakko's death. In this commercial, Ilmo reviews Alan's latest novel "Return" while wearing a deer mask. In the transformed Bright Falls, Alan can see Ilmo for a final time standing on a parade float/podium.