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― Agent Estevez to Saga Anderson and Alex Casey in Alan Wake 2

Kiran Estevez is a Federal Bureau of Control agent and protagonist in Alan Wake 2. First mentioned in Control, Estevez is the Lead Agent of Investigations Unit Beta, a unit of the FBC's Investigations Department assigned to Bright Falls, Washington to monitor and investigate the paranatural occurrences around Cauldron Lake.



Kiran Estevez is an agent of the Federal Bureau of Control's Investigations Department. She was once married, but the demands of her line of work strained her relationship with her wife and caused them to divorce.[1]

Following the large-scale Altered World Event of Bright Falls, Washington in 2010 caused by the Threshold under Cauldron Lake, the FBC sealed off the lake and the surrounding wilderness from the public, and established a monitoring station to detect AWE activity from the Threshold. Agents of the Investigations Department were assigned to maintain the cordon, handle groups and/or persons of interest, and monitor for future activity, and Estevez was assigned as the team's lead agent. Separately, the Lake House facility was established by the Research Department to study the lake and its paranatural phenomena; these departments did not interact.

Estevez was the first Bureau agent to encounter Emil Hartman, finding the former psychologist inside Cauldron Lake Lodge displaying violent behavior characteristic of a Taken, after responding to a report of paranatural activity at the Lodge. With assistance from the on-site Bureau research team, Estevez was able to capture and contain Hartman inside a Black Rock cell, after which he was transferred to the Bureau's headquarters in the Oldest House.

During her time in Bright Falls, Estevez wrote to Remy Denis, interim Head of Investigations, complaining of damage to the Cauldron Lake monitoring station, which she believed was caused by raccoons, as well as the refusal of the Bureau researchers at the Lake House to share their data with her, which she claimed affected her duties negatively and was necessary to prepare for any future Bright Falls AWEs.


In October 2019, Estevez was still stationed in Bright Falls during the Hiss invasion of the Oldest House. This left Kiran somewhat stranded, though it allowed her to make her own decisions in the meantime. Since then she and her team had been trying to manage and contain these strange occurrences within Bright Falls. After Director Jesse Faden defeated Hartman in the Investigations Sector, Frederick Langston called to inform her that a new AWE had been detected at Bright Falls, but the date placed it in 2023, several years into the future. According to Langston, though the situation was unclear, Agent Estevez was on-site and would be able to provide them with further updates.

Alan Wake 2[]

Estevez's earliest "appearance" is during Alan Wake's journey through the Dark Place of Initiation. In the Subway's Abandoned Station, Alan can find a discarded handheld transceiver by rewriting the Derailed Train scene. An agent with Estevez's voice can be heard over the radio, warning another agent (the FBI Agent "played" by Robert Nightingale) to be cautious; the radio will be dead by the time Alan answers. The subtitle's file ID confirms it to be her voice.


  • She is portrayed by Janina Gavankar.
  • Estevez is the first openly LGBTQ character in the Remedy Connected Universe by mentioning she has an ex-wife.



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  1. Estevez: Having family isn’t easy in this line of work. The late nights, travel, alternate realities threatening their existence. My ex-wife couldn’t take it.
    (Part of conversation during Return 6: Scratch)