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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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For the Radio Show collectibles, see Radio Shows (Alan Wake).
For the promotional radio channel, see Bright Falls KBF Radio.

The KBF-FM Radio Station, also known as Bright Falls Radio, is a location appearing in Alan Wake. It is the broadcasting station for Bright Falls' local radio channel, at FM 97.6.


KBF-FM is known to host various shows across the day, with one popular show being "The Night Owl," hosted nightly by Pat Maine. Pat is known to give guided tours of the premises, in the remote cliffs overlooking the train depot. Maine's homespun mixture of talk, light rock, and reports on the local flavor have won him fans across the globe. As he likes to say; "When it comes to my listeners, I certainly give a hoot!". This is the location where the radio broadcasts from.

One of the other shows is the "Early Bird" Show, hosted by Ted “Warbler” Sheckler.


When you first walk in there are three doors to your left, and one to your right, all locked with no way to enter. Further down the hallway, there is the broadcast room, with Pat Maine awaiting you to have an "interview".


The radio station appears in Ransom, where Alan spots Pat doing a radio show, after trying to escape the local police and Agent Nightingale. Alan reaches the radio station, only to be found by the police just moments later, including Nightingale. When Nightingale thought he was now trapped, he flinched and shot at him, narrowly missing Alan and Pat, Alan then jumped out of a window to escape.


  • The radio station is found on frequency FM 97.6.