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Jim's Mayoral Candidacy is one of the collectibles in Alan Wake 2. It is one of Pat Maine's radio shows.


Pat: And that wraps up my list of favorite park benches in Bright Falls. And now I just want to clear something up from our last broadcast. There was some talk, an off-color joke of sorts, about Wendy Davis of Davis Family Beef Jerky being dead, which of course is a bunch of hogwash. So, I’m gonna give our dear friend Wendy a call so we can put an end to these silly rumors and- oh! It looks like we already have her on the line. Wendy, hello.

Jim: Hi there, Pat.

Pat: And that’s not Wendy.

Jim: No, this is Jim Figamore. Remember we were gonna do the announcement today?

Pat: Oh, is that- Was that today? Listeners, we have Jim Figamore with us, the director of the Bright Falls Community Theater, and-

Jim: And I’m here to announce that the theater will be losing one of its most dignified thespians, as I, Jim Figamore, will be running for mayor. Hold for applause.

Pat: Well that’s quite an announcement, Jim. Just let me find my notes here. I had some questions written down for you.

Jim: The real question is what happened to this town. Bright Falls used to draw in thousands of tourists with its vibrant arts scene and impressive bird feeders. And what’s our reputation now? “Haunted Bright Falls". “Spooky Bright Falls". The world is laughing at us! And now all this business with the FBI? We need a mayor who can turn this town’s reputation around, and nobody knows more about the role of mayor than I do. I played one in the theatrical production of Fiorello, to glowing reviews by Coffee World Magazine. Mayor Setter is a joke, and you know what? I hear he kills cats. There, I said it.

Pat: Now, Jim, this is a family show. I found my notes here, so why don’t we pivot to some questions. First question. What exactly goes into that delicious beef jerky?

Pat: Right, so it looks like these are my questions for Wendy Davis of Davis Family Beef Jerky.

Jim: The only jerk I care about is Mayor Setter. Our future’s at stake, pets are being murdered, and it’s time for a change. Jim Figamore for mayor. That concludes our program today.

Pat: Oh, I actually had more to-

Jim: Jim Figamore and Pat Maine signing off.

Jim: And we’ve got a great tune here to play us out. Take it away, Pat.