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Deputy Janes is a minor character appearing in the Bright Falls miniseries, who is also heard on radios in Alan Wake, before appearing once again in the Night Springs comic. He is a Deputy Sheriff of the town of Bright Falls, Washington.


Janes is an bald, Afro-american man. Like the rest of his fellow officers, he wears the standard Bright Falls police uniform, which is composed of o a tan shirt under a dark green jacket, a matching dark green tie, dark blue jeans, with a black belt, and brown shoes. He also wears her police badge on his jacket. After being hit in the head by a possessed mailbox, he also wears bandage.


Despite living in Bright Falls, Janes appears to be unaware of its paranormal occurrences. This changed during the 2010 Bright Falls Altered World Event when he was almost killed by a possessed mailbox. Janes respected his superior, Sheriff Sarah Breaker, as seen when he supported Frank Breaker decision to help his daughter instead of helping him and his comrades. Janes also appears to be somewhat literal-minded, as shown when he did not understood Mulligan's indirect about agent Nightingale reeking of alcohol.


Bright Falls AWE[]

Deputy Janes Bright Falls episode 6

Janes at the scene.

Deputy Janes, alongside other Bright Falls officers, responded to an incident involving an abandoned crashed car in the middle of the road, which belonged to reporter Jake Fischer. Janes proceeded to light flares along the road near the empty car, before stopping an approaching car which belonged to Alan and Alice Wake, who were headed to Bright Falls. When Alan asked the deputy what had happened, Janes answered them that the driver probably crashed while trying to avoid a deer, and allowed them continue to the town, advising them to stay careful on the road ahead.[1]

More than one week later, Alan Wake, who at the time had escaped from Cauldron Lake after being captured by the Dark Presence and was being attacked by a group of Taken at the Biltmore Logging Camps, attempted to phone the Bright Falls Sheriff Station for help, with Janes answering. Unfortunately, the call was cut off when the taken Carl Stucky destroyed the phone lines. Alan eventually managed to reach Stucky's Gas Station, and once again call the Sheriff Station.[2] After Sheriff Sarah Breaker took the writer to the station, Deputies Mulligan and Thornton were sent to investigate the gas station and the logging camps. The deputies later informed Janes of their findings, including the fact that there were no signs of Stucky, with Janes telling them to continue the search.[3]

The following day, during the manhunt for Wake by FBI Agent Robert Nightingale, Janes, who had stayed behind at the Sheriff Station to coordinate the search, updated his fellow deputies of the writer's possible location and warned them to proceed with caution as he could be armed. He later contacted Mulligan and Thornton to be informed on their progress in the Sparkling River Estates trailer park. The duo reported that they had taken Wake's literary agent, Barry Wheeler, and Rose Marigold into custody, with Mulligan suggesting to Janes to call Doc Nelson to check Rose, who, unbeknownst to them, had been touched by the Dark Presence.[4]

Night Springs Group

Deputy Janes and the others meet with Frank Breaker.

On the night of September 10, after the Dark Presence began spreading through the town of Bright Falls, Janes was among the group of people contacted by Barry Wheeler on Sarah Breaker's instruction. On his way to the meeting point, Janes was attacked and almost killed by a possesed mailbox. He then reunited with Frank Breaker, Pat Maine, and Deputies Mulligan, Thornton, and Grant, and updated Breaker on the situation, commenting about reports of empty cars moving on their own while also mentioning his encounter with the mailbox. Breaker then ordered Grant and Janes to return to the town to keep calm among its residents and prepare in case of an evacuation.[5]


  • Janes's voice in the game sounds noticeably different between the two radio conversations he can be heard in.