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Quote1 Why is this happening to me? Quote2
― Insane Alan

Insane Alan is a character who appears in the special episodes of Alan Wake. He serves as the crazy and tormented side to Alan that's ready to give in and die.


In "The Signal" and "The Writer", Alan is followed and tormented by the part of Alan that has gone insane, where whatever the insane part of Alan says that happens, it happens to Alan inside his mind. The insane part of Alan tends to try and kill him, leaving traps and sending swamps of Taken, including poltergeist objects on his journey.

Alan's main purpose in the two episodes is to reach and cure the insane side of him, but in "The Signal", he does not know of this yet.


Insane Alan has a second form, where he portrays himself through television sets. Throughout "The Signal", he merely taunts Alan through the televisions, making words come true, but he becomes an enemy in his television form at the end of the episode which Alan has to defeat. He throws many obstacles in the way, including books, other television sets and even a boat.

The second time Alan encounters him is in "The Writer". After Alan managed to get past the Taken resembling his real-world friends, Alan ran into the cabin, He ran up the stairs to insane Alan. All Alan had to do was touch him. Once he did, the insane part of Alan disappeared and his mind became clear.

Insane Alan's Thoughts (The Signal)[]

The insane part of Alan, or Insane Alan, changes things around the part of Alan that wants to stay sane and see Alice again. Everything he says/thinks changes Alan's path and makes the situation more dangerous than it already is.


During Zane's first warning, he showed Alan what he was currently facing; it was a twisted and tormented version of himself:

"Nightmares. Too deep. Can't take the pressure. It's too much!"

"Suddenly, Wake found himself face-to-face with himself."

This dialogue is heard when coming from the restroom and going into the dining area:

"Day had become night. The diner had become deserted."

"Then the door was smashed off it's hinges, and Wake had to fight for his life."

The Street[]

This time, he's found outside the house, that Zane told Alan to "follow the signal", in the street:

"The town itself turned against Wake."

"Cars flew toward him, eager to crack bone and crush muscle."

"It oozed hate! It wanted to bury him."


Located inside of the playground area:

"The playground. Wake's pathetic memories of the wonder years and the contrary little boy pretending he didn't miss his father he never knew."

"It surged up and beat Wake down, merry-go-rounds and slides eager to cave in his head.

The Church[]

Inside of the altered church:

"The was changing. Twisting out of control!"

"It was too big on the inside. He couldn't see the ceiling."

"Something was moving in there."

"He was lost! He couldn't find the exit."

Translucent Taken[]

Before the see-through Taken attack Alan:

"He could feel them coming."

"Not even flesh anymore, just shadows and ghosts and thoughts, slicing through his flesh."

"They were here!...They were here!"


Right before Alan was attacked by his flying work:

"Wake's own words, littering the landscape."

"His books, common and discarded, like mud beneath his feet."

"Hardbacks, paperbacks, turned against him."

"Trash. Just cheap trash."

The Streetlights[]

Before the flickering streetlights:

"The earth shook."

"Streetlight pushed themselves up through the ground, flickering madly and spitting sparks!"

"In the shadows, Wake saw too many figures advancing eagerly, already tasting the kill."

The Dock[]

Under the dock, near the shadowy ocean:

"He entered the trap."

"Surrounded by enemies, Wake had nowhere to run."


While Zane is trying to tell Alan that he is fighting himself:

"Darkness...darkness coming! Swept him away."

"Lost. He knew. He knew! He couldn't hold on."

"He knew there was no way. Ohh. The world was going wrong. Wrong!

"Wake didn't understand it. He would never make it."

"He would never wake up!"

"He'd get swallowed up in the rising tide of darkness"

"It was coming! It was coming!"

After Zane's Gone[]

After Zane disappeared, Insane Alan keeps talking:

"Swept away by the gathering insanity, Zane was gone."

"Wake could feel the pressure, gnawing at his mind."

"The darkness wasn't so bad. It was in him."

"He felt it. He knew the voice spoke the truth."

"It was -- just too hard to think."

"He can't -- couldn't make sense of it! Couldn't."

"He wanted to go with the flow, just stop thinking and just let go."

The Fight[]

During the fight with Insane Alan:

"The scope of this horror was unimaginable. It would have been just easier to let go."

"Abandoned by his only ally, all Wake could do was accept the inevitable."

"Everything he saw was a twisted memory, a stray thought. Even the evil he faced came from within!"

"He knew he could just let go. Succumb to it. A part of him had already done it. It was over, it was finished. He was done!"

"What did he have left to fight for? He lost everything before he came here. Even his sanity was gone. What was the point?"

Middle of the Fight[]

When you destroy a number of TV's surrounding Insane Alan:

"It burns, it burns, it burns!"

"He -- he was killing himself!"

"Why was this happening to him!?"

"He couldn't even understand what he was facing!"


The End[]

After you destroy the boat:

"Why? why? why?"

"He couldn't make it stop!"

"What good was it going to do!?"


During the cutscene at the end of The Signal:


"Too loud! too loud! I can't think! It's in my brain!"

"There's no way out!"

"How do I get out of here!? No! How do I get out of here!?"

Insane Alan's Thoughts (The Writer)[]

Insane Alan continued to ramble through this part, though his thoughts were less frequent and he wasn't the final boss this time.


When arrived at the roundabout where the stage is:

"Wake heard the Old Gods playing. The music came out all wrong. It's attracted the horrors!"

Concert Fight[]

During the fight at the concert:

"The music screeched and boomed around Wake as the monsters attacked!"

"With each passing moment, more of them came! He would get overrun!"

"Surrounded by the enermies and deafened by the noise, Wake was helpless!"

Rolling Cabin[]

Just before the cabin spins:

"The world was tilted! It was turning upside down! Wake was lost! He would fall!"

When the cabin spins:

"He couldn't tell which way was up. He would die here, torn apart by the whirlwind!"


Before the tornado:

"The wind was picking up. Wake was too high. Too high! At this height, the water would be like hitting concrete."

When the tornado appeared:

"The storm was coming. It would throw him off!"

During the tornado:

"The storm spun him around! It was made of darkness! He'd seen what it could do! It swept everything away!"

The Giant Wheel[]

"Wake was forced to run through a maze, hopelessly sprinting in the wheel, never getting anywhere. His life in miniature! It was useless!"

Shutting Down the Lighthouse[]

"Wake ran for the light. It was pointless. He would never reach it. His life would be snuffed out just as easily as the very thing he'd thought would save him."

The Final Approach to the Lighthouse[]

"They kept coming! There were too many of them! Hordes and hordes of them, swarming over the landscape, eager to kill! They were coming for Wake, and this time they would get him with sheer numbers."

The Fight at Bird Leg Cabin[]

"It was in everything, it was even taking the people Wake knew, turning his friends against him! They were all against him!"


  • To Alan and fans of the Alan Wake media, it's been confused that insane Alan is actually Mr. Scratch. This is actually untrue, as Insane Alan and Mr. Scratch are two different entities.
  • Ilkka Villi returned to do live-action sequences for this role.