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Quote1 I can't keep going like I have been. It's time for a perspective shift. To go from photographer to subject. From artist to art. Quote2
― Alice Wake

Gone is the ninth and final part of Alan Wake's story in Alan Wake 2. It explores Alan as he returns to Parliament Tower once more to try and get to Scratch.


Alan arrives back at Parliament Tower, this time looking more run down and abandoned. Upon entering his apartment, he finds it empty, with the exception of a projector ready to play another section of "The Dark Place".

When Alan plays it, Alice is seen more distraught. She begins talking about how no matter what she tries to do with the photos she takes, the monster that haunts her won't leave her alone, and that she cannot stand it anymore. She then tells the audience she has "made a decision" that most people wouldn't understand, and that all she tried to do was show the world what she saw, but that she now needs to go from "artist to art". As the documentary cuts, the words on the screen claim that Alice took her own life after completing "The Dark Place". What follows are black and white stills of her last moments as she appears on the cliff edge of a lake and jumps off.

Alan, angered that Scratch drove Alice to insanity that she would take her own life, storms into the Writer's Room, and finds Scratch scratching away at the manuscript and shoots him in the head. It is here that Alan then realises the man at the typewriter wasn't Scratch, but was actually himself earlier in the timeline loop, remembering that he had actually shot himself in the head. As Alan realises this, the real Scratch in the form of the Dark Presence appears behind Alan and takes him over.

As Alan is on the floor, he and the manuscript pages all disappear, except for the title page with Alan's name scratched out.