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Why the hell did you kill Casey? What the hell were you thinking, man?
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Quote1 You and me, Alan. We're in this together. Two artists collaborating, remember? Quote2
― Zane to Alan

Room 665 is the fifth part of Alan Wake's story in Alan Wake 2. This part explores Alan progressing through the Oceanview Hotel.


Alan Wake enters the Ocean View Hotel in his fictional dark place New York City to ask Thomas Zane for further inspiration for his horror story as a means to escape. After finding Zane he proceeds to write his story about a theater group playing a cult. After one member gets killed by the star, Alex Casey investigates. While piecing together the crime the story turns more and more grim. The location was actually handpicked by the leader because of a rumor of an actual cult performing ritualistic murders at the hotel. Whilst many before believed the star to just be very method, it's now in question if he isn't the devil himself. TBD [Needs the end and some details on Wake's encounter with Zane]



  • The scene with Alan Wake and Thomas Zane is reminiscent of the AWE expansion in Control.
  • The song The Happy Song, which was made by Poets of the Fall and originated from Alan Wake's American Nightmare, plays in this part.
  • The number 665 was previously stated as a joke by Casper Darling to be the "neighbour of the beast" (666), which in turn is a reference to the iconic line from Max Payne. 665 also references a comment from the Board in Control, < Objects of Power are Holders/665 >.