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Quote1 I like to call this next segment, "The Story of the Journey of Alan Wake: The Musical". Quote2
― Mr. Door

We Sing is the fourth part of Alan Wake's story in Alan Wake 2. This part explores Alan progressing through a musical section of In Between With Mr. Door.


Alan Wake wakes up in a different Writer's Room to his original, realising he wasn't able to escape with his first Initiation draft after the Dark Presence killed him. He decides to write a new draft of Initiation to try to reach Parliament Tower again.

Alan finds himself backstage again of the In Between With Mr. Door talk show, where he is a guest again. Mr. Door informs the audience that the Old Gods of Asgard would perform a song titled Herald of Darkness for a segment called "The Story of the Journey of Alan Wake: The Musical", where the interview is to happen in a singing format. Alan then finds himself transported in a dark room with another television, where he is transported again into a large set for the performance.

What follows is a performance by the Old Gods, Mr. Door, Sam Lake and Alan himself, though he views himself on screen. Whilst exploring the musical location, the performers guide him through the set, where he encounters various locations from his past, such as being a child in his bedroom with a childhood fear of the dark, becoming an award winning author and the troubles it brought, arriving in Bright Falls with Alice to try and save their marriage, and then eventually fighting the Taken, where he is then forced to fight them for real. Alan then sings about being trapped in the Dark Place, and tries to bring the song to an end. He is then teleported back to the main stage, where all the performers do one more big song and dance.

As Alan sits in the armchair, the lights flicker, and everybody disappears. Alan stands back up to leave the set, where as he exits he walks past Ahti humming the song to himself.



  • This is the third time in a Remedy Entertainment game which involves a musical section where the player must also fight enemies.