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Why the hell did you kill Casey? What the hell were you thinking, man?
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Quote1 We argued, things went wrong, and then he was just gone. Quote2
― Alice Wake

Haunting is the third part of Alan Wake's story in Alan Wake 2. This part explores Alan reaching Parliament Tower in order to find Alice.


Alan Wake leaves the Overlap where he runs into another vision of Alex Casey about a murder victim. He reappears in the subway and makes his way out, where he spots Parliament Tower, his and Alice's home in New York City, in the distance. He hears the phone ringing again and picks it up, where the voice claims the pair are closer to getting out and to go Parliament Tower to check on Alice.

As he enters the building, he encounters another vision of Casey talking about a cult using his words in their rituals. He uses the elevator to go to his apartment, where a camera flashes and takes his picture. He hears Alice call out, yelling at something to get out and leave her alone.

As Alan explores the apartment, he finds a clip of a documentary, titled "The Dark Place", where she talks about moving to New York and meeting Alan. She also talks about how although she appreciated Alan finding work for her taking photos of him, she was saddened she wasn't taking the photos she wanted to capture. She then explains Alan's writer's block which brought out a darker side to him, so she set up a trip to Bright Falls to see a local doctor, and then he suddenly disappeared from her life. She states she sometimes blames herself for his disappearance, where it was alleged he drowned. She goes on to explain how she started hearing noises in the night back in 2013 such as typewriter keys and voices, where Alan appeared to be haunting her; whoever the figure was, it was a "monster" to her. Despite this, she would use the photos she would take of the figure and turn it into her art.

The scene then changes to his Writer's Room, where an angry figure, who looks like Alan, stands in the doorway. The figure then turns into the real Alan, who walks into the room to find another version of himself dead with a bullet in his head. He picks up the title page of the manuscript on the table, with the words "RETURN BY" and the author's name scratched out. Suddenly a dark cloud appears behind him, and kills him.



  • Players are able to play the story of Alan Wake 2 in any order they wish at the end of this part.