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Why the hell did you kill Casey? What the hell were you thinking, man?
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Quote1 You're gonna get what's coming to you. Quote2
― Casey to Alan

Casey is the second part of Alan Wake's story in Alan Wake 2. It follows Alan's journey through the subway as he begins to write a way out of the Dark Place, which has taken the form of a twisted version of New York City.


Leaving Mr. Door's studio building, into the streets of a dark New York City, Alan hears a payphone ringing nearby. Picking up the phone, a unknown man ask Wake is he knows who he is before telling him to go to the Caldera Street Station. Alan feels that he recognizes the voice but cannot tell from where. As the writer attempts to ask the mysterious man for his identity, the phone line cuts off. Finding a subway ticket on the floor, which he can use to enter the station, Alan departs.

Arriving at the missing subway entrance, Alan deduces he can use his lamp to make it appear, but he needs to find a source from which to draw light. Seeing a light at the end of a nearby alley, the writer decides to head there to charge his lamp. On his way, he is interrupted by Alex Casey. At first, the writer mistakes Casey for Sam Lake, who he had meet earlier that night, but he soon realizes that, despite physical similarities, he is not the same man.

Casey suspects that Wake is somehow connected to a cult that had been committing a series of murders based on his literary works, either as their leader or as the next victim. Suddenly, the light of the alley goes off. As Casey goes to investigate, Alan asks the detective to give him a gun, but he refuses and proceeds to the dark alley alone. After hearing Casey being brutally murdered by an unknown entity, Alan see a vision of the detective claiming that he had dreamed of that very moment and that he was trapped in a loop. Armed with Casey's gun and flashlight, Alan charges his lamp and heads back to the subway entrance, making his way through the roaming shadows that inhabit the city.

Exploring the Caldera Street Station, Alan finds an echo, a half-forgotten memory, in which Casey states that an FBI agent had come to the station in search of a murder cult before going missing. Alan realizes that he can use the missing agent as a plot element to rewrite reality and advance deeper into the train tunnels. Following the agent's blood trail, the writer finds a collapsed tunnel to use in his story. In it, Wake discovers that the agent had been sacrificed as part of a satanic ritual and that he is rumored to be the involved with the cult under the identity of Scratch, a detail that, despite not feeling comfortable with, decides to use in his favor.

Venturing further into the tunnels, Alan comes across a derailed train blocking his way, which he decides to turns into the scene in which the cult had burned a group of torchbearers alive, allowing him to progress. Reaching an abandoned station, Wake repurposes it as the cult's hideout and further rewrites it as the place in which the cult had practiced a summoning ritual, a plot element which he could use to reach the murder site.

After returning to the collapsed tunnel with the plot element and using it, Alan is chased through the tunnels by the Dark Presence. With the tunnel now opened, Alan makes his way through it and reaches the murder site, also known as an Overlap, in where the corpse of the FBI agent lies above a stone bed, next to its heart. Realizing that the victim's heart was the key, he attempts to take it but it disappears. He then faintly sees a vision of a woman, who identifies herself as FBI agent Saga Anderson. Alan explain the agent that he is trying to escape the Dark Place and attempts to warns her of the Dark Presence before she vanishes.

Wondering if the woman had helped him somehow, Alan feels that something had changed as the Parliament Tower, the place where he had lived with his wife, Alice, materializes outside.



  • Tim Breaker can be found twice during this chapter:
    • On the first meeting, near the Caldera Street Station entrance, he greets Alan, but the writer is unable to recognize him. Tim explains to him that they have already met and shared information, and that he is looking for Warlin Door. Wake asks him if he is referring to the talk show host, but Breaker negates this, claiming that it is unlikely that he would use such a disguise. He also provides Alan with supplies and a map of the city.
    • On the second meeting, on the subway tunnels, Tim reminds Alan of who he is in case he had forgotten, with the writer assuring him he has not. After Wake ask him if he has had any luck with his investigation, the sheriff tells him that he has had difficulties. Tim also expresses his belief that he might be dreaming as he had experienced vivid dreams in the past in which he had lived different lives, with Door being a constant in them, who appears to be torturing him for unknown reasons.