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Why the hell did you kill Casey? What the hell were you thinking, man?
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Quote1 We've all been dying to know what "It's not a lake, it's an ocean" really means. Quote2
― Mr. Door to Alan

Late Night is the first part of Alan Wake's Initiation story in Alan Wake 2. It follows Alan as he finds himself on a late night show called In Between With Mr. Door.


Alex Casey arrives to the shore of Cauldron Lake, surprised to see Alan Wake. Upon seeing Casey, a shocked Alan asks if he's still in the Dark Place. The agents assure him he is not, and decide to take their writer to their field office in the town. On their way back to the town, phoning her family, Saga discovers that Logan had an accident in the shower and suffered a slight concussion, though she assures Saga that it is nothing her mother should worry about. Logan's father, David, tells Saga that he was lucky to have heard her as she could have drowned. He also states that he tried to contact Saga earlier but was unable to.

In the field office, the Saga and Casey proceed to interrogate Alan about Nightingale and the manuscript pages. While at first he is unable to remember, the writer begins to regain some of his memories as he looks at a dark puddle of water from the nearby closet.

Alan Wake wakes up in a dressing room, unable to remember how he got there. As he observes a nearby television, he is transported to a late night show called In Between With Mr. Door. The titular host, Mr. Door, introduces him to the public and proceeds to interview a confused Alan about his new book, Initiation. Believing that he is being pranked, Wake decides to follow along. As the interview comes to an end, the lights of the set begin to flicker and Mr. Door, alongside the Old Gods of Asgard and audience disappear. Alone, Alan proceeds to make his way through the empty studio in order to find a exit, but he is soon attacked by an unseen entity.

Alan reappears in his Writer's Room and remembers that he is trapped in the Dark Place. After seeing the summary of the story so far on his plot board, he realizes that he must continue writing. He returns to Mr. Door's show, where the two men are now joined by Sam Lake, an actor who portrays Alex Casey in the film series based on Alan's books. After Mr. Door interviews Alan about his opinion on the adaptation of his works, the host present a clip of the upcoming Alex Casey movie, Murder Case Casey.

Alan then finds himself alone on the set once again. Exploring the empty studio, he finds Ahti, who tells Wake (referring to him as Tom) that the writer left something in the basement that could help him and gives him a key. In the basement, Alan finds an shoebox containing an strange object named the Angel Lamp that allows him to manipulate light and, by extension, change his surroundings.

He arrives at a room full of televisions, in which he sees a recording of himself frantically rambling about the clicker and his many escape attempts as he begins to lose his sanity. Using the Angel Lamp, he changes the environment so that he can leave.