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Ilmo Resists the Dark Presence is one of the Collectables found in Alan Wake 2. It is one of the pages of the Return manuscript, found by Saga Anderson in the Watery Lighthouse.


Ilmo Koskela jolted awake from a nightmare. He was drenched in sweat. In the dream, he’d been covered in blood, gleefully murdering people — his friends. When his twin brother had tried to talk sense into him, he had murdered Jaakko as well. Ilmo slammed his fists so hard into his temple it hurt. The dream made him feel sick.

The dark force of the lake was growing stronger. It was trying to make Ilmo and Jaakko something they were not. Trying to turn them into Ilmari and Jaakoppi Huotari from the early days of Watery. But they were the Koskela brothers; their mother had not raised them to become murderers. They had backbone. They had honor. They had Finnish sisu. Something bad was coming. The hidden device they had hooked to the FBC station had been intercepting alarms like crazy the past few days. Ilmo would make sure his cult was ready for war.

Out in the night, the story seeking to give birth to an Overlap in Watery drifted on, looking for another pair of men more prone to corruption.


The page depicts the Dark Presence attempting to corrupt Ilmo Koskela by drawing on a historical murderer from Watery, Ilmari Huotari. Ilmo manages to resist the Dark Presence and, recognizing that it is growing stronger, decides that the Cult of the Tree must prepare for it. Failing to fit the Koskelas into the story, the Dark Presence searches for easier targets, and soon finds a pair in Deputies Mulligan and Thornton.


  • Location: Watery (Lighthouse)
  • Find and unlock all the Cult Stashes. After opening the last locked box, Saga will find a key to the Watery Lighthouse.
  • Enter the Lighthouse, and this page is on the floor.