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The Hiss, as it is named by the FBC Director Jesse Faden, is a hostile paranatural force of resonance and the main antagonistic force in Control.


While the precise origins of the Hiss are unknown, Control's second expansion, AWE, implies that the Hiss was heavily influenced by Alan Wake, who rewrote reality from the Dark Place in order to create a "crisis" for Jesse Faden and the Federal Bureau of Control. Among other things, Wake wrote the Hiss incantation poem through Dadaist methods to convey "an alien force mimicking human intelligence."


  • The Hiss has numerous similarities to the Dark Presence. Both are unseen, bodiless, otherworldly supernatural forces capable of possessing objects and living things, turning them into their slaves.
    • During AWE, Alan Wake mentions this similarity, and implies that he may have created the Hiss to be similar to the Dark Presence: "If there's one, why not another?".