Heavy Metal is an achievement in Alan Wake.

Achievement Description


  • "Survive the bulldozer attack".


  • "You destroyed the bulldozer".


In the "On the Run" level of Episode 3: Ransom, Alan Wake will get into a fight with a possessed bulldozer at the end, this is an optional fight, as you can open the gate and run instead (the achievement description is slightly misleading). The bulldozer must be destroyed. The fight is simple: all you need to is try your best to stay to the side of the bulldozer; it also helps to drop flares on the ground as it will try to run you over constantly and stay near you, meaning it will lose health at an increased rate. These flares aid by keeping the Taken away from you, also helping the bulldozer keep away from you while you fight it, so just keep pouring light on it and the bulldozer will eventually be destroyed and the achievement will be unlocked.

One of the fastest way to destroy the bulldozer is using a couple of flash grenades (2 or 3 should be enough).

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