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Have You Seen This Dog? is one of the collectibles found in Alan Wake. It is one of Pat Maine's radio shows.


Pat Maine: Well, I was just outside for a breath of fresh air, and what a night! I know most of you are probably in your beds by now, but if you're still up and around, take a moment! Step outside for a spell and breathe in deep. The weather is absolutely still, the sky is crystal clear. It's like the forest is quietly breathing along with you. As you listeners know, I'm a night owl, and it's on nights like this I wish I wasn't cooped up in the studio. Makes an old man like me wish I could just roam wild. Heh. But here I am, and who'd keep you company all night long if I weren't? Oh, and looks like I'm not the only one staying up late. Caller, you're on the air.

Maurice Horton: Hey, Pat, it's Maurice Horton.

Pat Maine: Hello, Maurice. What're you up to?

Maurice Horton: Well, I was just taking Toby on his walkies.

Pat Maine: Oh, isn't it beautiful out there?

Maurice Horton: Sure. But Pat, the reason I called is that Toby heard something rustlin' in the undergrowth and took off after it, and I couldn't find him.

Pat Maine: Probably a rabbit.

Maurice Horton: Sure, Toby loves rabbits.

Pat Maine: Well sure.

Maurice Horton: Anyway, I figured that, you know, if anyone runs into Toby, they could grab him. My number's on his collar.

Pat Maine: And Toby's a friendly dog?

Maurice Horton: Oh, Toby loves people. Usually he comes back, but we were pretty far from home and it sounds like he went pretty wild there. Great dog, but he's just too dumb for his own good.

Pat Maine: Ha ha! Well, Maurice, it's out there now. Hope Toby comes home soon.

Maurice Horton: Yeah, thanks, Pat.

Pat Maine: You have a good night now.


The radio holding this collectible can be found inside a hut, on the far side of the second Biltmore logging camp.


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