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Gray Peak Gorge Ghost Town is a location appearing in Alan Wake.


Bright Falls territory boasts this ghost town, nestled along the bluffs overlooking the coal mine museum. Parents with small children should be careful, as some of the structures on this site are liable to subsidence. But the flavor of yesteryear is captured fully, complete with barns, carriages, and even a miner's shack next to an old, rusting train.

Originally founded in 1928, the mining town of Gray Peak Gorge was one of the permanent settlements the Bright Falls Mining Company built for its workers. The nearby graveyard is a is a testament to the dangers the miners faced on a daily basis, as most of the men who lost their lives over the years were buried there - a grim reminder to be careful for those who remained.

Gray Peak Gorge was abandoned almost overnight when the Bright Falls Mining Company closed its doors in 1970.

Events of Alan Wake

Alan progressed through the area in Episode 3: Ransom in order to reach the kidnapper at Cauldron Lake. Although he wasn't attacked by any Taken, he was attacked by multiple Poltergeist objects, one of which was the old train found by the miner's shack. Fortunately he was able to dispatch them and move on.