Grant is a Deputy Sheriff who appears in Alan Wake.


She works at the Bright Falls Sheriff Station and is known for her gossiping. Deputy Grant has been a deputy in Bright Falls for six years. Grant is noted for her great attention to detail and observation skills and feels she can better herself. The locals take to her very well as she talks in some cases when she should not.


At the beginning of Episode 2, Alan Wake asks her if he can go outside to get some air, to which she gives him directions. Later she suggests the Elderwood cabins to Alan and Barry Wheeler as opposed to the Majestic Motel due to its roaches. She is one of the people seen celebrating Deerfest at the end of the game.


  • She considers herself the face of the Sheriff's station and tries to control her bad habit of gossiping.
  • Her character is reminiscent of Lucy Brennan, the receptionist of the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department from the television show, Twin Peaks. Both characters have the same sort of high pitched voice, have a problem with gossiping and also act as the sheriff station's receptionist.
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