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Quote1 Mr. Wake, can I help you with anything? Quote2
― Deputy Grant, Episode Two: Taken

Grant is a minor character who appears in Alan Wake. She is a Deputy Sheriff who works at the reception of the Bright Falls Sheriff Station.


Grant is a middle aged Caucasian woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. Like the rest of her fellow officers, she wears the standard Bright Falls police uniform, which is composed of o a tan shirt under a dark green jacket, a matching dark green tie, dark blue jeans, with a black belt, and brown shoes. She also wears her police badge on her jacket.


Grant has been described as having a motherly disposition that causes her to either be an understanding or judgmental person. This also causes her to have a black and white worldview.[1] Grant has also shown to have the bad habit of gossiping, as shown when she talked about Cynthia Weaver's past and habits with Alan Wake, a complete stranger, or when she told both Wake and Doctor Nelson about Walter Snyder's reasons for being detained and his relapse into alcohol.


Bright Falls AWE[]

Grant Sarah and Alan

Grant, Sheriff Breaker and Alan Wake at the Sheriff Station.

After Alan Wake was taken to the Bright Falls Sheriff Station, Grant was at her usual post at the reception desk, while Cynthia Weaver was routinely checking the lights of the station, with the deputy assuring her that the lights worked correctly and that she would later change them if necessary. Grant then proceeded to inform Wake that Sheriff Breaker was waiting for him at her office, not before telling the writer about Weaver's past. Not long after, while Grant was talking with Doctor Nelson, Wake asked the deputy to direct him to the back of the station in order to get some air, to which Grant told him he could get there through the cell corridor, also telling him to ignore Walter Snyder, who, as Grant would then proceed to explain to both Wake and Nelson, had recently been detained for having a fight with his friend, Danny. Shortly after, Doctor Emil Hartman arrived at the station to discuss with Sheriff Breaker about the recent outing of his two patients, Tor and Odin Anderson, with Grant commenting that the brothers had never caused trouble when they lived on their farm, before they were interrupted by Wake. When the writer asked Breaker if he was allowed to leave, the Sheriff told him that she would need to know where he would stay in case she had to contact him, with Grant recommending him to avoid the Majestic Motel due to its cockroaches and instead stay in one of the cabins of the Elderwood National Park, to which the Wake agreed.[2]

Night Springs Group

Deputy Grant and the others meet with Frank Breaker.

Some days later, on the night of September 10, after the Dark Presence began spreading through the town of Bright Falls, Grant was among the group of people contacted by Barry Wheeler on Sarah Breaker's instruction, however, due to Grant's tendency to talk, it took Wheeler a while to deliver her the message.[3] Grant subsequently reunited with Frank Breaker, Pat Maine, and Deputies Mulligan, Thornton, and Janes on the road outside town to report what they know about the situation they are currently facing, with Grant commenting that she heard reports of a tornado. Breaker then ordered Grant and Janes to return to the town to keep calm among its residents and prepare in case of an evacuation.[4] After the Dark Presence is banished by Alan Wake, Grant attends Deerfest, where she was seen talking with Paul Randolph.[5]


  • Deputy Grant seems to be inspired by the Twin Peaks character, Lucy Brennan. Both characters have the same sort of high pitched voice, have a problem with gossiping and also act as the sheriff station's receptionist.
  • In the Night Springs comic, Grant's appearance differs slightly, with her hair being colored darker brown as compared to her in-game hair color, and is given a rather masculine appearance.