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Ghost town is a location appearing in Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

Normal Description[]

This place was abandoned decades ago, but it's pretty crowded in these old streets tonight... and these visitors wouldn't mind making you one of the ghosts.

Nightmare Description[]

It's still called a ghost town, but there's no space for ghosts now that the Taken have moved in en masse. They'll get rid of you, too. They'll do it over your dead body.


Ghost Town is one of five maps found in the Fight 'Till Dawn mode in Alan Wake's American Nightmare. The map itself resembles a typical old west town that one might find in the vicinity of Night Springs. The map contains the ghost town proper, as well as some outbuildings that house weapons and ammo. The ammo box can be found at the center of town, near the gallows.

There is a crossbow on top of the crates at gallows. At the end of the main street is a flare gun to your left. There's a shotgun at the lying on the gate. In the corner to the right there's a shack with a rifle in it. A sawn-off shotgun is behind the house next to the gallows, adjacent from the ammo box.


Follow the general rules of combat: conserve ammo if possible, but do not hesitate to let loose on larger, tougher enemies. Ammo and batteries are fairly placed, so running out is unlikely, if some restraint is practiced. Most Taken encountered are fairly weak and will die easily, however some tougher enemies to appear, so exercise caution in combat.