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Generators are machines in Alan Wake, that are used to activate light sources such as safe havens and searchlights. There is also an achievement in the game for turning the first generator at Bird Leg Cabin. They work in the game by interacting with them and a mini-game is started, where an indicator rotates round a circle and the player must press the "A"/Mouse 1 button every time it enters the green section, after each successful timing, the indicator will move faster and a failed timing (pressing the "A"/Mouse 1 button outside of the green section) will reset the mini-game.


Seeing as generators can be used to activate safe havens, they can be very useful for avoiding very costly fights, however, the Taken will try to not let you turn on the generator, as if you are hurt in any way, you will let go of the generator. There are two ways to avoid this issue: the first is speed, as in getting to the generator quickly and activating it quickly and flawlessly, as making mistakes could get you caught, however you can still be hit from afar. The second is to use a flare before turning on the generator so the Taken are stunned and cannot attack you, which usually counters the issue of being hit at all, however, bear in mind that this may be of little use on generators that need their chord pulled 3 or more times, as the flare will have gone out.