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Quote1 One more thing. I'm not going to pretend I'm not going there out of concern for my Sarah. If anybody thinks I should be doing something else, you damn well better tell me. Quote2
― Frank Breaker, Night Springs

Frank Breaker is a character who was first mentioned in Alan Wake before debuting in the Night Springs comic. He was the former sheriff of Bright Falls, Washington and the father of Sarah Breaker. He was also a retired police detective of the New York City Police Department and a former field agent of the Federal Bureau of Control, a role which was first alluded in his debut appearance before being confirmed by in-game documents in Control. After his retirement, both his daughter and his nephew, Tim Breaker, would also become sheriff of Bright Falls. Sometime after the Altered World Event of 2010, Frank Breaker passed away.


Frank Breaker is a caucasian man with black hair and a mustache. He wears a white shirt, brown pants and shoes.


During his youth, Frank Breaker had the reputation of being a "wild man," something he had no problem giving up when he grew older. Nevertheless, at the age of 59, Breaker was still a tough and resilient man. Despite being a retiree, he did not consider himself as such, being this the reason (aside for his daughter involvement in the matter) for his lack of hesitation to accept his Sarah's requests for assistance.[2] He was accustomed to the strangeness that Bright Falls held due to the amount of paranatural phenomena he saw during his time working for the Federal Bureau of Control. While he considered Cynthia Weaver to be an eccentric and delusional woman, he knew that her paranoia was not unfunded, claiming that it was not her fault if no one listened to her warnings.

Breaker was very adamant on not controlling his daughter's life, knowing well she was able to look after herself, and supported her decision of becoming a police officer like him. However, Breaker still cared greatly for Sarah and, despite being proud of her becoming the sheriff of Bright Falls, wished she had chosen a different path, knowing well due to his own experiences the hardships a career in law enforcement could bring. While he was a profesional man, he was incapable of putting his duty above his family. Nevertheless, he still allowed others to express their objections to this.

Frank also enjoyed crime fiction, specially Alan Wake's Alex Casey novels, which he considered to be "the best thing to happen to crime fiction since James Ellroy."



During his youth, Frank Breaker grew up in the town of Bright Falls, Washington. By 1976, Frank became sheriff. During the annual Deerfest festival of that year, sudden storms occurred from the direction of the Anderson Farm, owned by Old Gods of Asgard members, Tor and Odin Anderson, which led to a flash flood. Breaker managed to evacuate the townspeople before the flooding destroyed the festival grounds.[3] Soon after, he was asked by Freya Anderson, Tor's daughter, to check on her father and uncle, who were at the farm rehearsing. When Breaker arrived at the farm, he found the Andersons alive but in need of medical attention, with Tor having been struck by a lightning while Odin was missing his right eye. The brothers claimed that they had defeated the "dark army of the scratching hag".[4]

Frank Breaker New York

Frank Breaker during his time working for the NYPD.

Sometime afterwards, Frank moved to New York City, where he began working as a detective for the New York Police Department, working there for at least 22 years. During this time, he witnessed the death of one of comrades, who was fatally shot in the chest.[5] At some point in his life, he married an unknown woman and had a daughter named Sarah. Breaker was eventually recruited by the Federal Bureau of Control, a clandestine government agency that investigated paranormal activity.[3]

Frank Breaker Bright Falls

Frank Breaker facing a creature resembling werewolf.

He would eventually return to Bright Falls, where he bought an apple farm, and began to have his first experiences with the paranormal, including seeing a "tree [walking]" and fighting and killing a "man with the head of a wolf" whose body "melted away into black goo that boiled away in sunlight." Due to these encounters, Frank reunited a group of Bright Falls denizens who also had knowledge about the paranormal occurrences in the area to help in case of an emergency. He also was acquaintance with Cynthia Weaver. Despite considering her to be delusional, Breaker nonetheless believed that she was not wrong in regards to her paranoia towards darkness. After becoming an adult, Sarah choose to follow her father's steps and eventually became the new Sheriff of Bright Falls despite Breaker wanting more for her. Frank's wife eventually passed away. Not long after her funeral, he felt a presence that had the same scent that his deceased wife laying next to him in his bed.[5]

Bright Falls AWE (2010)[]

Frank Breaker Night Springs

Frank Breaker receives the "Night Springs" message.

On the night of September 10, Frank was re-reading Alan Wake's latest Alex Casey novel, The Sudden Stop, when he received a call from Wake's literary agent Barry Wheeler. Wheeler explained to him that he had been instructed by Sarah to contact him and a number of other people and deliver the message "Night Springs", which Breaker immediately understood.[5][6] After grabing his gun and flashlight he departed on his truck. On his way to the town, Breaker alerted FBC agent William Kirklund of a possible Altered World Event taking place on the Bright Falls area and requested for backup. Unfortunately, he was told that they would not be able to arrive on time.[5][7] He was then attacked by a flock of taken ravens, confirming that this was not a false alarm. Arriving in town, he reunited with the group of people contacted by Wheeler, which included Pat Maine and Deputies Mulligan, Thornton, Janes and Grant, and was informed of the current state of the situation. He then proceeded to set up a plan of action to deal with the AWE before departing to help his daughter, who had headed to the Bright Falls Light & Power in an rescue helicopter alongside Alan Wake to meet Cynthia Weaver.

Well-Lit Room Night Springs

Breaker reaches the Well-Lit room.

Arriving at the L.t. William T.G. Randall Memorial Bridge, Frank continued his journey on foot and attempted to contact his daughter, but his called was interrupted when he was attacked by an ax-wielding Taken, which he managed to dispatch of using his flashlight and gun. After crossing the river and reaching the power plant, he discovered that it was empty but deduced that Weaver must have used her secret tunnel, which led to the Bright Falls Dam. Stealing a truck from the power plant, Breaker made his way to the dam. On his way, he noticed the crashed rescue helicopter nearby. Hoping for the best, while also expecting the worst, Frank continued forward but was taken out of the road by a possessed truck and briefly lost consciousness. He was then confronted by Barbara Jagger, who threatened Sarah's life for helping Wake, before being surrounded and overwhelmed by a horde of Taken. Suddenly the night turned to day as a result of Wake using the clicker, dispersing the horde of Takens and saving Breaker's life. Reaching the dam, Frank briefly saw Wake running away before falling unconscious once again. After waking up, he entered the Well-Lit Room, where he reunited with his daughter.[5]


At some point between 2010 and 2023, Frank passed away under unknown circumstances. After his death, Sarah left Bright Falls to become a Federal Agent while her cousin, Tim, became the new sheriff.[8]




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