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Frank Breaker is the father of Sarah Breaker and the former sheriff of Bright Falls.


Early Life

Frank is Sarah Breaker's father. He allegedly worked in New York City as a police officer a long time ago. Sarah mentioned she used to say he was just like Alex Casey. Once when he heard Sarah say a nasty rhyme about Cynthia Weaver, he furiously told her that Weaver pays attention, tries to tell people what she knows and it's not her fault no one listens. He may have been aware of the Taken as he often had coffee with Weaver at the Oh Deer Diner. He's one of the people on the list for Barry to call with the "Night Springs" message.

It has been said that Frank returned to New York were he had worked for several years as a police officer for the NYPD. Frank never thought he would see his daughter become the Sheriff of Bright Falls, this was something he did not want to happen as he wanted her to do more. Frank's daughter, Sarah, got fed up with the "busy life of New York" so she applied for the post of Sheriff. At the time, there was speculation that her father my have applied for the Sheriff position and was favored over his daughter. This may be the reason he has returned to New York.

Events of Alan Wake

In Episode 5: The Clicker, Barry Wheeler is asked to contact a list of numbers by Sarah Breaker, the first of which is her father Frank. If the player stays behind to listen to the phone call between Barry Wheeler and Frank, it is learned that Frank is actually a fan of Alan Wake's books.

Night Springs

The events of the Night Springs comic details what happened during and after that same phone call. Frank is reading Alan Wake's latest novel, The Sudden Stop when he receives a call from Barry. Upon Barry telling him the "Night Springs" codeword, Frank springs into action, grabbing his gun and flashlight. He calls a person named Kirklund to tell them that the code word has been used.

He is attacked by ravens while in his truck, and eventually arrives in town where he meets many of the other townsfolk also summoned due to the code word, including Pat Maine and Deputies Mulligan and Thornton. He sets up a plan of action with the town, and is told that his daughter, Sarah, was making her way to the Bright Falls Light & Power station. He sets off there, though he is attached by a shadowy figure, but manages to dispatch of it. Arriving at the power plant, he realises it is empty, but knows where the pipe found inside it leads.

He begins to make his way to the Bright Falls Dam, but is stopped by a mysterious woman who threatens Sarah's life for helping Wake. Frank is then surrounded by Taken, but then night suddenly turns to day and disperses them. He spots Alan running away from the dam, and instead of chasing after him enters the Well-Lit Room, where he is reunited with Sarah.

In Control

Remedy Entertainment's 2019 video game Control reveals that Frank Breaker was in fact a former agent of the Federal Bureau of Control, and that his phone call to Kirklund — the FBC's Head of Investigations — led them to investigate the events at Bright Falls.