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Mirror Peak is one of the most iconic landmarks in Bright Falls.

Quote1 Can you believe this place? This would make a wonderful setting for a book! Quote2
― Alice Wake

Bright Falls consists of a diverse and abundant wildlife and of course, the many plants and trees that are scattered all over the country. It is one of the things that makes this very town, Bright Falls.


Although maybe not seen by busy tourists, Bright Falls consists of a large range of creatures that are living in the woods during day and the night.



An Eagle can be seen when Alan is on the float to Bright Falls


Aw birds

Possessed Ravens Attacking Alan.

Ravens can be found all over Bright Falls, some of which have been possessed by The Dark Presence.



A deer after being hit by a car

Deer can be found in and around the woodland of Bright Falls.

Buck-Toothed Charlie[]


Buck-Toothed Charlie was a Colombian mammoth estimated to be 14,000 years old, was recovered from the La Brea Tar Pits in 1981. It was donated to the Elderwood National Park in 1998, when the Colombian Mammoth became Washington's State Fossil. Named Buck-Toothed Charlie, it has since become the park's official mascot. The skeleton can still be seen at the Elderwood Visitor Center and is open for public.

Grizzly Bear[]


A statue of a Grizzly bear found ar Elderwood Visitor Center

Grizzly bears are found in the forests of Bright falls, but it is in danger from illegal hunters and there traps.

Plants & Trees[]

Western Hemlock[]


Tsuga heterophylla

Western Hemlock or tsuga heterophylla is a species of hemlock native to the west coast of North America. It is the largest species of hemlock ( 50-70 m tall) and it the state tree of Washington.

Western White Pine[]


Pinus monticola

Western White Pine or Pinus monticola is a species of pine that occurs in the mountains of the western United States and Canada, specifically the Sierra Nevada, the Cascade Range and the Coast Range. It is regularly growing to 30-50 m and exceptionally up to 70 m tall.

Evergreen Wood Fern[]

Evergreen wood fern

Dryopteris intermedia

Dryopteris intermedia also known as an intermediate wood fern, is an evergreen North American species also occasionally found in Europe.