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The Flare is an unconventional weapon in Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

In-Game description

When you're so crowded in by enemies and you know you're a second away from death, nothing feels as great as popping on of these beauties and watching all the Taken back the hell off.


Flares emit an intense but brief red light immediately after its cap has been pulled off. This weapon is especially effective when Alan is overwhelmed by multiple Taken, as the flare provides temporary protection by weakening and warding off the light-sensitive Taken. Flares are most effective against poltergeist objects, which can only be destroyed by flashlight, a flashbang grenade, the flare gun, or a flare. To keep hold of the lit flare, hold down RB or the scroll mouse button instead of tapping it and Alan will use the flare as an impromptu torch. Using a flare while low on health gives the "Back! Back I say!" achievement.


In Alan Wake flares are a useful weapon against the Taken. They occupy the same slot as flashbang grenades in the inventory. When lit, a flare emits a very bright red light that saps the darkness from Taken close to it and keeps them away. Flares can be used in two ways - Alan can hold them in his hand as he steadily walks forward, creating a corridor or he can throw them on the ground, temporarily establishing a "safe zone" from Taken. This can be useful when Wake needs time in order to start a generator, a moment to regenerate some health or a head start in order to outrun pursuing Taken. Unlike flashbangs, flares cannot actually kill off Taken.


  • There is an avatar prop of the flare.