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Finn is a character who is not seen in Alan Wake. He is mentioned in The Alan Wake Files and in the Alan Wake novel.


Finn was an FBI Agent and close friend and partner of FBI Agent Robert Nightingale. Finn and Nightingale were known as "The Righteous Brothers", as they never drank or went against the rules. When Finn started talking about "darkness" and avoiding shadows whenever he could, Nightingale told him to get his act together. Sometime later he was "taken" by something and Nightingale became obsessed with finding out what Finn had meant by the 'darkness'. After that Nightingale started to drink heavily to cope with his guilt over his friend's evident death.


  • According to Alan Wake: Illuminated this character was originally named Agent Finnegan, and was planned to make an appearance in the game alongside a playable Agent Nightingale.
  • Per a response to Clay Steward's Freedom of Information Act request[1]: "Over thirteen months ago, Agent Nightingale's partner was killed in the line of duty."
  • Clay only discovered Nightingale's notes and involvement with Wake after arriving in Bright Falls (just after Deerfest on September 18, 2010). This would place Finn's death sometime around August of 2009.