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The Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) is a clandestine United States government organization that investigates "paranatural" phenomena which violate the natural laws of physics, and is central to the events of Control and the Remedy Connected Universe. The Director of the Federal Bureau of Control as of 2019 is Jesse Faden.

The Federal Bureau of Control is believed to have been influenced by Alan Wake's writing as part of a larger effort to escape from the Dark Place.


The FBC's origins are not definitively known, but it has existed since at least 1954, dedicated to investigating, understanding, and regulating paranatural "Altered World Events" around the world, though its terminology and methods have changed over time.

In 1964, the FBC discovered the Oldest House, a paranatural skyscraper in New York City, which they converted into their headquarters. The FBC eventually discovered an Object of Power (a paranatural object with notable utility), the Slide Projector, in the town of Ordinary, Maine. The Slide Projector proved capable of opening doorways to other dimensions. FBC Director Zachariah Trench and Head of Research Casper Darling organized expeditions into one of these dimensions, Slidescape-36, where they recovered Hedron, a paranatural entity. Additionally, these expeditions led to Trench being corrupted by the Hiss, a monstrous paranatural force.

Known personnel[]

This list includes only known Bureau personnel in the Alan Wake games. A full list can be found here.



Research Department[]

  • Diana Marmont (co-head of operations, Lake House)
  • Eugene Campbell (lead researcher, Department of Parafictional Research)
  • Jules Marmont (co-head of operations, Lake House)
  • Michaels (junior assistant researcher, Department of Parafictional Research)
  • Vega (assistant researcher, Department of Parafictional Research)

Investigations Department[]



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