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Family Occasion is one of the collectibles found in Alan Wake. It is an episode of the television series of Night Springs.


Alvin Derleth, a journalist investigating the local mythology of an insular community in the town of Night Springs for an article he is writing, is led to a small shack by a local couple who has finally decided to help him with his research after realizing the seriousness of the reporter. While Derleth was initially going to just be an observer, the woman invites him to participate on the ritual, which requires of one more man, as it would give him an "intimate perspective". The woman then proceeds to passionately kiss him. While at first enjoying the kiss, the journalist soon starts to feel sick and collapses on the ground. Revising his stomach, Derleth sees to his horror that something is moving inside. The woman tells him that he will be host of the thousand offspring of an entity known as Nik'si-Pir'kah, "the Dweller in Flesh".


Night Springs Narrator: We take the facts of our existence for granted, unaware that they are merely a thin veneer of desperate self-delusion covering a vast cosmos of madness and horror. All too often, the stars are right... in Night Springs. Tonight's episode: "A Family Occasion". Journalist Alvyn Derleth's trip to study the local customs of an insular community in Night Springs has been less than successful.... until tonight.

[Derleth and two other individuals, a man and a woman, walk towards a cabin; the man opens the front door, letting Derleth and the woman in]

Alvyn Derleth: Well, I'm glad you changed your minds about this. Ancient customs, local mythology... my editor loves this kind of stuff.

Woman: Well, Mr Derleth. We don't want to feel like we're on exhibition. But you have demonstrated the seriousness of your intent.

Alvyn Derleth: Oh, I am serious! Really, just do your thing. I'll stay out of your way and observe.

Woman: Actually, I thought you could assist us. I'm afraid we are a man short. It would provide you with an... intimate perspective.

Alvyn Derleth: Could I really?

Man: Of course, Mister Derleth.

[brief static]

Alvyn Derleth: Well... I guess that's the least I... What would I have to do?

Woman: Oh... here, let me show you with a kiss.

[the woman kisses Derleth]

Alvyn Derleth: I... Uh, I - mmmm!

[Derleth backs away in pain]

Alvyn Derleth: Ghakk! What - what did you - guhhk!

[Derleth collapses to the floor and grabs his stomach, from which unearthly sounds are heart]

Woman: Oh, Mister Derleth. You have well pleased Nik'si-Pir'kah, the Dweller in Flesh. Your body shall host his thousand young, and all shall be glory.

Alvyn Derleth: Haaghk! No! Ghahhk!

[the man and women watch Derleth as shapes move under his stomach]

Woman: Shh, darling. Be calm. Shh.

Night Springs Narrator: Alvin Derleth learned a harsh lesson. If you go looking for mythology, it may come looking for you. And such quests always bear fruit... in Night Springs.


The Television holding this episode can be found inside the train depot warehouse.


  • Alvin Derleth is possibly named after horror writer August Derleth, known for his contributions to the Cthulhu Mythos, from which this episode appears to draw inspiration.