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Quote1 The bicycle. A quick, cheap and convenient way of getting around. Fresh air, a little exercise, a fun pastime, but for the professional athlete on the road to glory, it's all about persistence and winning, so ride on, brave contender. Ride on... to Night Springs. Quote2
― Beginning Narration, Night Springs Narrator

Eternal Endurance is an episode of the in-game television series of Night Springs. It is an episode cut from the original Alan Wake game.


During a foggy and rainy day, a man on a bike narrates that he is going to compete in a race across America, one of the toughest ultra marathon bicycle races in the world, but first he has to qualify. His support team follows behind him in a van, and suggest that he takes a break. The man says he can keep going, but in reality he was in agony from all the pedalling. Suddenly the fog disappears, and he finds himself in a small town, with people cheering him on. He could then see the 'finish line', where all pain he endured dissipated. In his eyes, he was done, and home. In reality, his support team drive up to the man, who had crashed his bike and died in the process.

Ending Narration[]

Quote1 And so the contender took the final opportunity to stop and rest. He won his final race... in Night Springs. Quote2
― Night Springs Narrator


  • This episode is never found in any version of the game, and was released online by Remedy to help promote the release of Alan Wake's American Nightmare.