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Lights Out is the third episode of the Alan Wake prequel live action mini-series, Bright Falls. This episode was released on the Bright Falls Website on 4 May 2010.


The next day, Jake wakes up in the woods and as he sits up, he notices red mud all over his hands. He looks up, only to see Daniel, Sam Smith's son, watching him, who soon runs away. Jake calls out to stop him but he keeps running. Sam then calls out his name from a distance and Jake heads back to the motel.

In the next scene, Jake is back in his car, and is heading towards where Ellen works, which is in a newspaper office, which has many pictures and articles of Alan Wake. Jake walks in and sees Ellen, who spots him at the same time, and Jake wishes for them to speak in private. Jake then shows Ellen the stuff he wrote and drew. Ellen asks whether Dr. Hartman said anything about what Jake was writing, but Jake is unsure if he knew what Jake was doing or not. He also tells her that for some reason he woke up in a wood with red mud all over his hands. Ellen tells Jake that sometimes Bright Falls can get into people's head. Jake tells her that he is now done with the story, and they both walk outside and hug. Ellen also tells him that he should go home and clear his head, but Jake tells her that's why he came to Bright Falls in the first place, but Ellen tells him that he should leave.

Back at the motel, Sam and Daniel are walking back to the motel with cleaning supplies. All of a sudden, a light bulb can be heard smashing, and Sam nods to Daniel and he runs back to the reception desk. Sam walks up to a cabin and see's the light bulbs smashed, as if somebody didn't want the lights to ever come on. Sam's back is hurting him after he replaces all the light bulbs and he then hears something behind him, but nothing is there. Back at reception, Daniel gives Sam a hunting vest and helps him put it on under his jacket and grabs a shotgun. When Sam returns outside, it's much darker. Daniel watches as he walks into the wood.

Half way into the wood's, Sam cannot see anything but trees and bushes. He fires the shotgun in the air, trying to either attract the attention of something in the woods or frighten it off. He reloads the ammo, where the shell of the cartridge he shot is ejected from his gun and onto the ground and he begins to reload. He hears some rustling in the bushes and some breaking of twigs. He moves back and slips on the shell that was on the ground. He lands hard on the floor and throws out his back. He begins laughing maniacally, and something pulls him along the forest floor, and he is helpless as he is dragged away.


Partial Transcript

1:01 - 1:13

Jake: Hey, wait!

Sam: (calling from distance) Daniel!

1:35 - 1:45

Ellen: Hey!

Jake: Hey - could I talk to you for a second?

Ellen: Sure...

Jake: Somewhere private?

Ellen: OK.

1:48 - 2:46

Ellen: Didn't Hartman say anything?

Jake: I don't think he knew. And this morning, I, uh, woke up in the woods.

Jake: And my arms were just all covered in this, like, red mud.

Ellen': So what do you think happened? Making pottery in your sleep?

Jake: No, I woke up in the woods.

Ellen: Listen... sometimes staying out here just gets into your head.

Jake: Well, I'm done with this story.

Ellen: I know.

Ellen: Call me if you need anything?

Jake: Thanks.

Ellen: You know, you're right. When you're done with your story, you should really go.

Ellen: Get back home, clear your head.

Jake: That's why I came here, Ellen.

Ellen: I think you should leave.

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Episode Three Lights Out

Episode Three: Lights Out

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