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Local Flavor is the fourth episode of the Alan Wake prequel live action mini-series, Bright Falls. This episode was released on the Bright Falls Website on 11 May 2010.


Jake Fischer is at a local general store trying to get his pills. However, he is told he will most likely have to wait 6 days to get them in.

Jake drives to the Oh Deer Diner in his car, which now has duct tape to try and cover up the damage. He notices Shel Dyke (laughing woman from episode two) throwing rocks at the light on the lamp post. A police officer pulls over to try and stop her, but she continues doing so, and in the end starts throwing rocks at the officer. She soon bites him in the hand and is arrested for her actions. The TV in the diner shows Alan Wake with the media crowding around him, and Alan is just pushing them all away, trying to get through. Jake walks into the diner, and sees Rose and tells her that a strange woman just bit a cop, which she is surprised to hear. They walk over to the window but see nobody there. The cop soon drives up in his police car with the woman in the back acting all crazy, trying to escape. It is the same woman he also saw in the vision he had with Dr. Hartman. The cop walks into the diner and Rose sees to his hand which is bleeding from being bitten.

Jake then watches the TV in the diner, with an advert on the Bright Falls Deerfest. All of a sudden, Jake starts having another vision, this time containing such things as a boy walking back (possibly Daniel, Sam Smith's son), a car screeching along the road, a dead body, noises in the forest and various other things. Jake's visions stop, and all of a sudden things have gotten dark. He wakes up inside a body bag (the same body bag found in episode one). The light in the boat shines on him and he runs from the body bag and hides behind a tree. He has no clue what has just happened.


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