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Quote1 The Bright Falls General Store is now my favorite place in the entire world!
Hey, I want a headlamp.
Last one.
Bastard. Quote2
― Barry and Alan

The Clicker is the fifth episode of Alan Wake and explores Alan's, Barry's and Sarah's journey to get to Cynthia Weaver.


Night Life in Bright Falls[]

Alan wakes up to find himself in jail. He sees a vision of Cynthia Weaver in his cell. She says something about guarding something. Alan finally recovers to see Barry also just waking up. While in the middle of conversation with Barry he overhears Agent Nightingale and Sarah Breaker talking. Breaker and Nightingale then enter the cell area from outside. Sarah asks to see his supervisor but he brushes off the request and focuses on Wake. Feeling proud for catching him, Nightingale says he has all the evidence he needs. Wake breaks down in a seizure and Sheriff Breaker checks on him. Believing that it's just a ploy to get out of the cell and escape, Nightingale pulls a gun on Sarah when she tries to leave. Having a strange sense of déjà vu, he pulls a manuscript page out but is then sucked up by the darkness. Alan says to get the lights on in the half-darkened Sheriff's Station. Sarah checks the fuse box to get the lights on. Sarah then says that she has his stuff in her office. Alan and Sarah get ready and stock up for the fight ahead. Alan then says that he has to see Cynthia Weaver. Sarah says she lives in the Old Bright Falls Power Plant and that they need to get the chopper to get there. They meet Barry in the lobby. Sarah says to stay there and call a list of people, which includes Frank Breaker, Sarah's father and Pat Maine. With the entrance blocked Sarah and Alan head through the cells and out the back. With the gate fried Alan goes around on the rooftops of the adjacent buildings. There he encounters flocks of Ravens. Alan gets off the scaffolding and down to street level. He asks Sarah about her password "Night Springs". She says it's because the town gets weird. Alan fixes the gate controls and Sarah joins Alan.

Now Alan and Sarah must fight through the town to get the chopper keys from the Town Hall. They reach Main Street to find it crawling with Taken. The Deerfest float drives through the middle of the fight. Now with ambushes waiting around every corner they stay on their toes. They get past the Oh Deer Diner and arrive at a gate that leads to the yard right beside the Town Hall. The Taken are now in full force and ambush with an Assault Chainsaw. Sarah forgets the gate and helps Alan. Sarah gets the gate open and they get into town hall. Sarah fixes the fuse box while Alan works on finding the keys. In the lobby Alan is ambushed but he holds it back. He finds the keys. Just as he leaves the room he notices Sarah outside. He looks as Barry comes running down the street in panic. Cars start being taken and chase him down the street. Suddenly, a pickup truck is then thrown at him before he enters the Bright Falls General Store. The Darkness blocks a direct path to the General Store. Sarah and Alan then take an alternate route through the park, being attacked by Taken along the way. They arrive on a street near the Bright Falls Book Store and are interrupted by Doctor Nelson who is mad about all the shooting. Sarah tells him its nothing and that he should go back to bed. They make it behind the Book Store, next to the back of the General Store. Alan, asking where Barry is, gets a quick answer because a flare goes off in the church parking lot. They race over there. Sarah tries to unlock the door while being ambushed by Taken. They fight through the waves of Taken and manage to get into the church. Alan asks about the lit candles. She says it's tradition to do this. They make their way through the basement and to the final door when an Assault is just about to strike when a flare destroys him. It's Barry! Now that they reunited they have to make their way to the chopper which is at the Fire Station up the hill. They battle an Assault Chainsaw and some weaker Taken. They get to the chopper and Sarah says that she can start it. Barry jumps in too, leaving Wake to defend the chopper from the incoming horde. A tornado forms on the hill above and is carrying steel rods. Wake battles the Taken and just barely makes it into the chopper. They lift off and head for the power plant.

Bright Falls Light and Power[]

In the chopper Sarah talks about how her dad used to work in New York and that she used to tease him that he was Alex Casey. Alan is surprised by this. Sarah then comments that he was a little heavy on the metaphors. Just as they are about to land a flock of Ravens appears and attacks the chopper. Alan falls out and lands in a parking lot near a small warehouse. Sarah says that the flocks are messing around and that they should land somewhere else. Alan all alone enters the warehouse and battles some Taken: he then comes upon a transformer field and sees the power plant across the water. He goes through the yard battling Taken in close quarters combat. He reaches the other side of the field to come across a bridge. He enters the control building to turn the bridge, then gets on, waiting for it to spin to the other side while he gets attacked by Ravens. He reaches the other side and follows a trail towards the plant. The chopper comes around and Sarah says on a PA that she will give him support. So Alan goes down the path with the helicopter shining its spotlight on areas where the Taken are making taking them down as easy as pie. The chopper gets attacked again and disappears again. Alan is alone again. Alan fights past the rest of the Taken and reaches the entrance. He sees signs that are on the trucks stating "Bright Falls Light and Power". When he gets to the door it opens: lights pour out from the search lights and blind Wake. Alan tells Cynthia that he has come to help. She doesn't believe him and asks for proof. He tells her that she is the "Lady of the Light" like in the song. She lets him in telling him she has been waiting for a long time for him. She also tells him that the transformer yard is sucking too much power. She tells him to turn it off. Alan exits and and heads toward the shut off area, on the way battling Taken. He then reaches a platform puzzle where he quickly solves it. He reaches the shut off area and shuts off the power. The transformer yard goes silent and dark. He turns around and heads back towards the entrance where battles Taken. He reaches the entrance and is let in. Cynthia then tells him to follow her to the entrance to a drain pipe on the way telling Alan that she liked Tom and was jealous of Barbara. They enter the pipe and head for "The Well-Lit Room" in the dam.

As Cynthia and Alan walk through the pipe he gets a phone call from Barry. And then while talking the phone call ends and the pipe shakes. The chopper crashed. Alan then leaves the pipe. Cynthia tells him he will die. Alan leaves the pipe and sees the crash site. Alan races to the site battling flocks and flocks of Ravens. He reaches the crash site and it is empty. He wanders away from the crash and sees a flare go off. He rushes towards it and hears Barry asking for Alan and gunshots. He reaches them just as a horde of Taken are about to close in on them. He helps Sarah and Barry and tells him they need to go to the "Well Lit Room" in the Dam. They race up to an elevator and battle Taken along the way. Alan calls the elevator and while waiting for it the Taken attack while the elevator comes. They get in and go to the top where they need to go up one more elevator to get to the top of the dam. Sarah says Alan needs to hold on to the bottom so they can get in and open it for Alan. But when he reaches the door tanks collapse and block the door. Alan must race to the top on his own. He gets to the top to find a military grade searchlight ready. A wave of Taken come after him he uses the searchlight and destroys them. Suddenly, a tornado forms and chases Wake across the dam. He goes on under platforms to run but the tornado flings things at Alan making it difficult to pass. Some time going from on top of the dam to these platforms Alan finally reaches the elevator that Barry and Sarah are cheering Alan to hurry. He finally makes it to the elevator and they go down several levels. While going down Sarah says the military occupied the dam for a while and built a safe room which is where Cynthia built the "Well Lit Room". They finally reach that level and enter the safe room. In awe and amazement they take a few moments to enjoy the lights and then the safe is closed.



  • When Barry is on the phone at the Bright Falls Sheriff Station, you can hear him have a rather comical conversation with the people he's calling. Barry's voice eventually loops when he's being interrupted on the phone several times with a talkative woman.
  • If you go near the crashed school bus after the darkness chases Barry into the general store, Alan will ask for Barry and Barry will answer back.