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Quote1 In bad shape, Jake seeks guidance from Dr. Hartman, but leaves when the doc almost triggers another blackout. Desperate, Jake binds himself to his motel fridge, recording the events that follow. Quote2
― Episode summary on Phillip Van's website

Off the Record is the fifth episode of the Alan Wake prequel live action series Bright Falls. This episode was released on the Bright Falls website on May 14, 2010, since Alan Wake had been released in the UK.


Jake Fischer makes his way back to his car prior to previous events when he escaped from a body bag. He begins to drive when he gets a call from Hal, who asks whether Jake got Riley's book signed; Jake realizes he hadn't. He goes back to the Cauldron Lake Lodge to see Dr. Emil Hartman, who then signs Riley's copy of The Creator's Dilemma. Jake then talks to Hartman off the record and explains everything that's been going on, including his waking up in strange places and having blackouts. Hartman takes Jake's pulse and invites him to stay at the lodge. He takes out a penlight and points it at Jake's eye, but Jake recoils from the light in pain. Jake questions what it was, only for Hartman to tell him it's just a light. He points it at Jake, only for him to run away, though Hartman almost seems unphased by these events.

Jake heads back to the motel, points a camera at himself, and restrains himself to the refrigerator in his room, intending to record what is happening to him. Waking up in the morning to find himself unrestrained, he replays the tape of what he had been doing throughout the night (which is heard, but not seen past the first seconds). He breaks from his restraints, and as the camera pans around and shows the destroyed room he had created, his recorded vocalizations become less and less human.


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Partial Transcript[]


Hal: Jake, how we doing?

Jake: Fine - I'm fine.

Hal: Your message got cut... everything OK?

Jake: Yeah, you bet.

Hal: Did you get the book signed for Riley?

Jake: Can I talk to you for a minute, off the record?

Hartman: Of course.

Jake: Since I got here, I've been blacking out and waking up in really strange places.

Hartman: What kinds of places?

Jake: The woods, the lake... I'm really worried that when I leave here, it isn't going to stop.

Hartman: Anything else?

Jake: Yeah... I think I killed a deer - with my car.

Hartman: It happens. May I? You know, I help people with problems like yours. Stay with us.

Jake: (in pain) Ah! What the hell is that thing?

Hartman: Just a light.

Jake: (in pain) Ah!

Episode Video[]


Bright Falls Episode 5- Off the Record (1080p)

Episode Five: Off the Record

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