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Quote1 Back to work, boy. Quote2
― Barbara Jagger

Ransom is the third episode of Alan Wake. This episode explores when Alan was on the run from the FBI and his journey to meet with the kidnapper.


On the Run[]

Alan Wake and Barry Wheeler arrive at the trailer park to meet Rose Marigold in order to get the manuscript in which the kidnapper wants in exchange for releasing his wife. He receives a call from the Sheriff informing that Agent Nightingale is there at the station, anxious to see him. He instead goes ahead to Rose, but both he and Barry are drugged. When Alan wakes up from the ensuing nightmare, he finds out that the editors are Barbara Jagger and Thomas Zane. He refuses to carry Barry all the way back and so he leaves him. Upon returning back to Barry's car, is surrounded by FBI and police, led by Agent Nightingale.

He escapes the police in pursuit, but not before the Dark Presence attacks them. As he gets to the KBF-FM radio station, he encounters a darkness-possessed gate which blocks him in his way. Finding a way past, Taken appear and swarm him. Once he eludes them and reaches the station, he meets Pat Maine. But the cops and Nightingale appear again, having Alan cornered. Sheriff Sarah Breaker appears and tries to intervene, pointing out to the agent that a civilian is present, but the agent goes off cock wild and shoots at Alan, missing but allowing Alan to escape once more. He reaches the train depot and get into the car, destroying the possessed bulldozer and Taken in the process.

Mirror Peak[]

He travels to the Coal Mine Museum, and waits until night for the call from Ben Mott informing him about the change of plans. He and the kidnapper are to meet at the Mirror Peak lookout. On his way to the lookout, he encounters more Taken and poltergeists. He crosses the ghost town, and the silver mine, where he hears Alice Wake's voice from the tunnels leading to Cauldron Lake. He gets out from the mine soon afterwards and emerges near the lookout. As he does that, he passes through the mountain ruins and hears Mott has been tortured, admitting he never had Alice. He finally approaches the kidnapper, but the Dark Presence appears as a tornado form. It proceeds to pull Mott apart, slicing him into two. It then attempts to do the same to Alan, but he lights up the flare and is thrown down to the lake. Soon, a hand reaches into the lake to pull Alan from it.


Mission Objectives[]

  • Talk to the manager. - Right after the cutscene.
  • Follow Randolf. - After you speak to Randolf.
  • Talk to Rose. - After you reach Rose's house.
  • Leave the trailer. - After a cutscene.
  • Get to the car. - After you leave Rose's house.
  • Escape the police. - After a cutscene.
  • Reach the radio station. - After Alan spots the radio tower in the distance.
  • Destroy the gate. - After Alan encounters a darkness-filled gate.
  • Reach the radio station. - After Alan destroys the gate.
  • Reach the train depot. - After a cutscene.
  • Find a vehicle. - After you reach the depot.
  • Go to the coal mine. - After a cutscene.
  • Leave the building. - After a scripted event, where the building shakes.
  • Reach the Mirror Peak lookout. - After you drop down out of the building.
  • Turn off the power. - Once Alan reaches a damaged fence with bolts coming from it.
  • Reach the Mirror Peak lookout. - Once you turn off the power.
  • Cross the ghost town. - Once you reach an area Alan calls a "ghost town".
  • Find the key. - If Alan examines the door, it will be after this.
  • Cross the ghost town. - After Alan obtains the key.
  • Reach the Mirror Peak lookout. - After Alan gets inside.
  • Exit the silver mine. - Once you enter the mine.
  • Reach the Mirror Peak lookout. - Once you exit the mine.
  • Cross the mountain ruins. - Just before you reach an old house.
  • Reach the Mirror Peak lookout. - Once you exit the old house.


  • There is a slight difference between the E3 demo and the full version of this episode. Just after the helicopter was brought down, Alan was surrounded by Taken deputies with no flashlight or weapon. In the full game, this event no longer occurs, and you just carry on through the level with no Taken encounters at that moment.