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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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The following page will provide a guide for the second episode of Alan Wake, Taken, including the location of collectibles and the achievements that can be obtained.


Bright Falls Sheriff Station[]

  • Switch on the coffee maker

Turn on the coffee maker on the kitchen of the Wake’s apartment.

Go to Alice’s office.

  • Examine cover mock-ups

Go to Alan’s office and examine the cover mock-ups.

  • Check the fuse box

After the light goes out, go the fuse box, which is found next to the entrance and pick up the flashlight.

  • Go to Alice

Return to Alice.

After talking with Nelson, head to the sheriff office, which is located down the corridor of the Sheriff Station.

  • Get your cell phone

After entering the sheriff office and talking with Sarah, pick up Alan’s phone on the desk.

  • Go to the back lot

After talking with the kidnapper, head to back lot of the Sheriff Station, which can be reached by passing the cell corridor. In it, Walter Snyder will ask you to turn the lights on, which you can do by flicking on the light switch found next to the door.

  • Examine the junker

Once in the back lot, go to the fence on the left and kick the wooden tables covering the hole. Proceed through the hole and pick up Alice’s driver license on the front seat of the dilapidated truck.

  • Exit the sheriff's station

After doing this and receiving a call from Barry Wheeler, return to the station’s reception.

Elderwood National Park[]

Once in the Elderwood National Park, meet with Rusty on the back of the visitor center.

  • Find the form

Pick up the registration form on the desk across Buck-Toothed Charlie, inside the visitor center.

  • Take the form to Rusty

Return to Rusty and hand him the form

  • Get the keys and get to the car

Pick up the cabin keys that Rusty leaves on the table and exit the visitor center

Exit the cabin and proceed to make your way through the road leading back to the visitor center.

  • Help Rusty

After the ground begins to tremble and you hear gunshots and Rusty screaming, head to the visitor center and enter the building.

  • Get the lights on

After talking with Rusty, enter the Ranger Office across the visitor center and find the fuse box on the far end of the building. You can also pick up Rusty’s revolver, which is lying next to him, and find revolver ammunition and batteries on a cabinet in Rusty’s office.

  • Return to Rusty

After hearing Rusty screaming once again, return to the visitor center. The will be puddles of liquid darkness outside the ranger office and some Taken will come out of the visitor center to attack you. Once inside, go to the open space at the right side of the visitor center through the giant hole on the wall. There, you will be attacked by the Taken Rusty, who is also a tele-flanker. There is a box with unlimited revolver ammunition nearby.

  • Reach Lovers' Peak. - After you defeat Rusty.

After killing Rusty, two more Taken will appear. Once you kill them, go through the gate they opened. After receiving a call from Barry, begin to make your way through the nature trail to Lovers’ Peak. There are multiple signs that will lead you through the right path. There will also be many encounters with the Taken and multiple emergency boxes containing ammunition and batteries and safe havens to help you. This section of the nature trial is divided in three parts, separated by hanging bridges, which you will have to make your way through before eventually reaching a closed gate. Proceed through the broken fence on the left and you will soon arrive to a cable cart station. Call the cable cart and use it to reach the other side of the ravine. However, once you arrive, the cart will be attacked by taken crows and crash on the other side.

  • Follow the kidnapper

On this section of the episode, you will no longer have your revolver and you will have to rely on the kidnapper to kill the enemies after you remove their darkness shield using the flashlight and/or any flare you are able to obtain. The two of you will eventually reach a locked gate.

  • Hold back the Taken

While the kidnapper tries to open the gate, you will have to use the flares from the nearby emergency box to keep the approaching Taken at bay.

  • Follow the kidnapper

Once the gate is opened, proceed through the covered stairs, where you will come across a safe haven. You and the kidnapper will then reach the Lovers’ Peak lookout.

  • Defend the viewing platform

The light of the platform will soon go out and hordes of Taken will start coming from multiple directions (including from below the lookout). You will have to once again rely on the kidnapper to defend yourselves. There is also another emergency box with flares and lithium batteries on the lamppost.

  • Make it through the woods.

After you fall off the platform, you will now be armed with the kidnapper’s revolver. There are also two sets of ammunition, batteries and a flare you can pick up. Use the fallen trees to cross the river and make your way through the woods. This section in particular will be full of bear traps, which can be easily spotted thanks to their faint glow (though that does not mean they are easy to avoid). If you were to fall in one of traps, a group of Taken will immediately appear to attack you. After crossing the river once again, you will be repeatedly attacked by groups of Taken, before soon reaching a pair of derelict sheds, where you will find a generator-powered safe haven. There are also batteries, revolver ammunition and a shotgun you can take. Turn left, and descend down a series of large rocks steps. You will be attacked by more Taken, but you can find another generator-powered safe haven, which will be marked by a dim gas lantern. If you try to start this generator, another Taken will appear behind you, but it will be killed if you are quick enough to power the safe haven. Moving forward, you will immediately see the nearby mill. More Taken will be waiting for you outside, but you can avoid fighting them by reaching the safe haven at the mill entrance.

  • Reach the top of the mill.

Once on the mill, climb the stairs on your left to upper deck. Be careful, however, as the deck is unstable and you could fall to the river. Maintain the balance and jump to the wooden boxes below. Enter the mill and climb to the top. There are puddles of liquid darkness inside. Once you reach the third floor, you will have to push a metal cylinder down from the edge to bring the elevator, which you will use as a platform to reach the other side. Enter the adjacent room, where you can also find flares, and climb to the top floor.

  • Make it through the woods

After exiting the mill, proceed to the storage yard above the mill. There, you will be attacked by a assault Taken. Exit the deposit by using a plank as a stile to pass over the fence. There is an emergency box outside. Two more assault Taken will be waiting for you uphill. After finding and following a sign pointing you to the campground, you will come face to face with more Taken, including one wielding a chainsaw. There is a small lookout with a safe haven waiting for you at the end of the trail.

  • Return to Barry

After receiving a call from Barry, head to the camping grounds. There, inside a garage, you will find a pickup truck you can use. There is also an emergency box nearby.

  • Find garage keys

The garage keys are on the far side of the left restroom. You can also find shotgun ammunition on the right side.

  • Return to Barry

Once you find the keys, a Taken will come out of one of the cubicles and attack you. Return to the garage, open the gate, and enter the truck. Make your way back through the highway. You can use your vehicle to run over any Taken that you find on the road ahead. You will soon reach the entrance to the Elderwood National Park. Enter and continue forward until you reach the cabin area. The road will be blocked and you will have to continue on foot. There is a flare gun and its corresponding ammunition on a box found next to an abandoned Bright Falls Light & Power pickup truck. More Taken will appear on your way uphill.

  • Save Barry from the birds

After reaching the cabin, head to the back of the cabin. There are flares, a flare gun and rounds of its ammunition on a box below the cabin and on a table in the cabin porch that you will need for the upcoming battle.

  • Defeat the birds

Once in the backyard, face and kill the flocks of Taken birds that will descend and attack you.

  • Talk with Barry

When the fight is over, Barry will open the back door of the cabin. Go meet with him.


Manuscript Pages[]

# Image Name Section Location Difficulty
14 The Sudden Stop 1 Bright Falls Sheriff Station In Alan's office, in his New York apartment. All
15 The Sudden Stop 2
16 The Dark Presence in the Diner On the third cell of the Bright Falls Sheriff Station.
17 Wake at Lovers' Peak Lying on a rock in the empty lot behind the Bright Falls Sheriff Station.
18 Alice Sees a Shadow On the floor in the break room of the sheriff station.
19 Barry Doubts Wake's Sanity Elderwood National Park On the ground between Barry's orange SUV and an old shed, outside the hilltop cabin.
20 Rusty Dying On the trunk space interior of a parked off-roader, halfway down the road from the hilltop cabin.
21 Rusty Attacked by the Dark Presence On the corner of the low stone wall, by the entrance of steps to the Elderwood National Park Ranger Office.
22 Wake Reaches a Safe Haven of Light On the floor in the ranger's office, at the end of the corridor.
23 Rusty's Final Thoughts On a log picnic table, near the wooden lookout platform and waterfall.
24 Wake Sees the Torch Symbol On the path leading to Lover's Peak, next to a sign.
25 Nightingale's Arrival Lying on a boulder on the hiking trail leading to Lovers' Peak, before the cable cart platform.
26 Alice's Fear of the Dark On the promontory bellow the Lovers' Peak lookout platform.
27 Wake Hears a Chainsaw Inside one of the two abandoned huts on the forest trail, near the crashed plane.
28 Barry in Elderwood nside the old mill, lying on a pile of cloth sacks, after leaping across the old elevator.
29 Nightingale Fires at Wake Between a trash can and the women's restroom entrance in the Elderwood National Park campground.
30 Wake at the Dark Presence's Mercy* On the trail leading back to the hilltop cabin, after the phone call from Ben Mott. Nightmare
31 Rose and Rusty On the wooden floor of the lookout point, halfway down the trail from Rusty's hilltop cabin. All
32 Barry Meets Rose On the ground of the picnic area, after deviating from the trail leading to Lovers' Peak to the right after crossing the bridge, near the waterfall vista.
33 Sarah Thinks About Wake Behind a log on the edge of the precipice overlooking the old mill, after traversing the path filled with bear traps.
34 Deputies at the Logging Site On a cloth sack on the small balcony of the old mill.
35 Wake Feels the Dark Presence On a chest behind a group of large crates inside the derelict storage barn above the old mill.
36 Wake's Despair Inside the blocked tunnel located near the entrance of the Elderwood National Park.

TV Shows[]

# Image Name Section Location
3 Writer in the Cabin 2 Bright Falls Sheriff Station In the Bright Falls Sheriff Station cell area, after talking with Ben Mott.
4 Man in the Mirror Elderwood National Park Inside the third hilltop cabin before the Elderwood Visitor Center.
5 Writer in the Cabin 3 In the men's restroom of the Elderwood National Park campground.

Radio Shows[]

# Image Name Section Location
3 Deerfest Floats Are Very Exciting Bright Falls Sheriff Station On the back of the Wahlberg warehouse loading dock, behind the Bright Falls Sheriff Station.
4 Doc Nelson's Deerfest Plans Elderwood National Park On the first cabin from the hilltop summit on the path leading the Elderwood Visitor Center.


# Image Name Section Location
2 Have You Seen This Man? Bright Falls Sheriff Station On the wall of the corridor leading to Sheriff Breaker's office, inside the Sheriff Station.
3 The skeleton of a Columbian Mammoth (Mammuthus columbi) Elderwood National Park In front of Buck-Toothed Charlie's skeleton, inside the Elderwood Visitor Center.
4 Moonshine Cave Inside the Moonshine Cave.
5 The Great Old One Next to the Great Old One.
6 Tree Ring On a small picnic area near the cable car.

Coffee Thermos[]

# Image Section Location
15 Bright Falls Sheriff Station In Alice's office in the Wake's apartment.
16 In the radio room of the Sheriff Station.
17 On the loading dock behind the Sheriff Station parking lot.
18 Elderwood National Park On the kitchen counter of the Elderwood Visitor Center.
19 On the kitchen of the hilltop cabin.
20 On the steps of the hilltop cabin hot-tub
21 Inside the storage shed near the visitor center and the ranger office.
22 At the foot of a tree behind the ranger office.
23 On a rock shelf overlooking the Tree Ring, behind a destroyed fence and phone booth.
24 On a picnic table near the Tree Ring.
25 Behind the information sign of the Lovers' Peak lookout.
26 Inside one of the two trapper huts found near the crashed plane.
27 On the narrow rocky promontory overlooking the old water mill.
28 On a small table on the middle floor of the water mill.
29 On a picnic table in the campground.
30 To the right of the campground, next to the folded truck blocking the road.
31 On a picnic table next to the entrance to the Elderwood National Park.

Can Pyramids[]

# Image Section Location
3 Elderwood National Park On a barrel in the woods found near the water mill vista, after the area filled with bear traps.
4 On a picnic table found next to an abandoned caravana and a Safe Haven, in the pasture at the left of the road leading back to the Elderwood Visitor Center.


# Image Section Location Content
5 Elderwood National Park At the back of the Moonshine Cave. Lithium batteries.
6 In the waterfall grotto, below the Lovers' Peak lookout platform. Three flares, batteries.
7 On the upper rocks, by the wing of the crashed airplane. Two flares.
8 In a small shed found in the grassy dell at the right of the road leading back to the Elderwood Visitor Center. Two flares.
9 In the back of Rusty's rental cabin. Two rounds of flare gun ammunition.