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You think you're God? You think you can just make up stuff?!
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Quote1.png Alan? Thank you for coming here with me. Quote2.png
― Alice to Alan

Nightmare is the first episode of Alan Wake. This episode explores the events when Alan and his wife Alice Wake arrived in Bright Falls.


In a nightmare he is having, Alan Wake is driving towards a lighthouse that he feels compelled to get to, but cannot remember why. On the way, he hits a hitchhiker that appears in the road and when Alan stops and checks the body, the man is dead. Suddenly the headlights go out on the car, and Alan turns to look, but when he glances back to the hitchhiker's corpse, it has disappeared. With his car disabled, Alan carries out on foot towards the lighthouse, but is soon chased by a dark, axe-wielding figure who chastises Alan for "making up stories". It doesn't take Alan long to realize that the axeman is not only the hitchhiker he just 'killed', but is also a character from a story Alan is working on.

The axeman asks Alan how it feels to die by the hand of his own creation before turning into a black tornado from which Alan must run. The howling tornado chases Alan down the path, destroying the lights along the path ahead of him. He eventually reaches a suspension bridge and runs across. Just before reaching the other side of the tornado-buffeted bridge, Clay Steward appears and urges Alan to hurry.

Once Alan is across the bridge, it collapses and Clay, who claims to know Alan, tells him to get inside a nearby cabin. Once Alan is inside, the door closes and locks, trapping Clay on the porch. The tornado re-forms into the axeman and goes directly for Clay. Clay attempts to defend himself by firing a couple of rounds from his gun, but this seems to have no effect on the axeman. The axeman brutally slays Clay, and then turns his attention to Alan inside the cabin.

Alan must escape, but all exits are locked. During his search he can hear howling tornado winds and the axeman chanting for his death though the voice seems to be coming from everywhere at once. The cabin shudders as if slammed by an earthquake, and again once more before Alan notices a bright light emanating from one of the walls. As he watches, a section of the cabin wall dissolves into the light and a disembodied voice tells him to follow.

He runs through the opening to the back yard and can see a blinding white light just outside the cabin. The light shines a beam to Alan’s left and tells him to follow it to his ‘safe haven’ which is nothing more than a simple light pole casting a warm circle of light on the path. The bright light then says it has something important to tell Alan, and it recites a poem:

"For he did not know
That beyond the lake he called home
Lies a deeper, darker ocean green
Where waves are both wilder and more serene
To its ports I've been
To its ports I've been"

The bright light then asks Alan if he understands, to which Alan answers that he does not. So the light instructs him to follow again, recreating a staircase for him to reach the bottom of the short cliff on which he’s currently standing.

The light then teaches Alan about the Dark Presence and how to deal with those under its influence, these creatures are known as the Taken. It gives Alan a flashlight to burn away the protective darkness of the Taken. It also explains that the Taken are beyond help, and that even if Alan were to burn off their outer darkness, the Dark Presence still resides within controlling them. The light then offers Alan a pistol with which he can then kill the Taken once they've had their darkness removed. After which, the light tells Alan it is returning control of his dream to him, and flies off. Alan is left to resume his trek to the lighthouse.

As he runs along the path he deals with several Taken as they emerge from the darkness (Coffee Thermos: In a bunker to the right in a red box) until he reaches the road that leads to the lighthouse. As soon as he sets foot on the road, the dark tornado appears behind him and chases him all the way to the lighthouse, all the while tossing heavy objects into his path to try and kill him (Hint: Avoid the areas with large barrels). When he reaches the lighthouse, bright light is pouring out the front door (Coffee Thermos: On a bench to the right of the front door).

Once inside, Alan hides as loud thuds impact the door, however after a moment they cease and the door remains intact. He sees a moving light and investigates the room that it’s coming from, which is the lighthouse’s central chamber with a spiral staircase leading to the torch spinning at the top. But suddenly the torch goes out and the room goes dark. Alan cowers and screams as something falls from above and lands on him and everything goes black.

A women’s voice whispers, “He’s here.”

Alan is startled awake from the nightmare by his wife, Alice, who informs him that they have reached their vacation destination, Bright Falls. Their car is actually riding a ferry into town, so Alan and Alice get out of the vehicle to stretch their legs. Alice wants a picture of Alan with the town in the background, and while complying with her request, Alan starts a conversation with Pat Maine, the night host of Bright Falls’ local station, KBF Radio. Pat asks if Alan will do an interview, which Alan declines and specifically asks Pat to try and keep his presence in the town a secret. Pat says he’ll keep quiet but leaves the invitation open-ended (Easter Egg: Mott is on the back of the ferry muttering threats to Alan under his breath).

Before the ferry docks, Alan's friend and literary agent, Barry Wheeler, calls him to find out how he’s acclimating to the town and offers his services to come personally to make the townsfolk leave Alan alone if they were bothering him. Barry also prods Alan about whether or not this new setting has begun to soften his writer’s block but Alan, in irritation, reminds Barry that they haven’t even settled in yet.

Once off the ferry, the couple must make their way to the Oh Deer Diner to meet up with Carl Stucky to get the keys to their cabin. They split up as Alice drops him off at the diner while she fills up the car.

Alan enters the diner and is greeted by the waitress, Rose Marigold, who begins fawning over him once she realizes who he is. Before she can go too far, Alan cuts her off and asks her where he can find Mr. Stucky, and she explains that Mr. Stucky is probably in the restroom. As he makes his way to the back of the diner he passes Rusty, a local park ranger who has romantic interests in Rose, and the Anderson Brothers, Odin and Tor, two seemingly senile old men who used to be members of the rock group Old Gods of Asgard (Hint: Turn on the jukebox for Odin. It leads to an achievement later!). Rusty informs Alan that the two geezers should be up at Cauldron Lake Lodge a local psychiatric institution (Coffee Thermos: On a trolley at the back of the diner).

On his way to the rear of the restaurant, he also meets Cynthia Weaver, who is peering down the hallway to the restrooms which is pitch black at the opposite end. She flicks a light switch on and off, but it has no effect. Clutching her lamp, she warns Alan to be careful of the darkness as he heads into the black hallway leading to the restrooms.

Jagger giving the key to Alan

When he finds the door to the men’s room locked, Alan knocks and calls out for Mr. Stucky. He gets no answer from inside the restroom, and is startled by the voice of a woman standing beside him dressed in black from head-to-toe, a veil covering her face. She explains that Mr. Stucky has taken ill and won’t be able to meet with him, but she does give Alan the cabin key and directions on how to find it. She then tells him that once he’s settled in, she plans on dropping by for a visit to meet his wife – in fact, she insists. Even though he’s a little puzzled, Alan takes the key and directions from her and leaves the diner when he hears Alice honk outside. (Hint: If you go to the end of the dark hallway and then double back to where the old woman was standing, Alan will comment on how he "didn't see the old lady leave, but she had disappeared." A dark essence is the only proof she was there at all).

As the couple drives away, Mr. Stucky bursts through the door of the diner calling after them to stop because they've forgotten to take the key from him.

When the couple arrives at Cauldron Lake, they discover their cabin is actually situated on a small island called Diver's Isle. The lake is actually a caldera, which means there is a dormant volcano beneath it. They must cross a footbridge to reach the island, but Alice won’t budge because the power is out inside the cabin (Coffee Thermos: Before crossing the footbridge, run all the way back up the path to where Alan's car is parked, the thermos is sitting right beside it). She has a phobia of the dark, sometimes known as nyctophobia, and wants Alan to restore power to the cabin before she’ll enter it (Coffee Thermos: On the kitchen table in the cabin) (Hint: Go in the two upstairs rooms, in the cabin for a HUGE shock. WARNING: Not for the faint of heart. This will happen regularly throughout the game.) (Radio: On the floor of the back patio). Alan searches the small island and comes across a shed near the cabin with an old generator which he manages to coax to life. With the lights back on, Alice finally goes inside, and Alan decides to look around the island a bit more.

As the sun is setting, Alice calls him back to the cabin and tells him she has a surprise for him in his study. As he walks into the room, he can see a typewriter on the desk and Alice also explains that she hopes he could see Dr. Emil Hartman, a local psychiatrist who might be able to help him with his writer's block. But Alan becomes furious with her meddling and accuses her of trying to have him committed.

During their argument, the lights flicker off and on and when the room is dark, a figure appears briefly between them. If Alan even notices the figure, he makes no mention and storms out of the cabin in a huff. He walks back across the footbridge to try and gather his thoughts, but isn't there for too long before the lights in the cabin go out and Alice begins screaming. Her screams become frantic and it quickly becomes apparent that something more is happening to her than just being trapped in a dark house. Alan rushes back across the bridge and is attacked by a flock of crows that seem to dissolve in the beam of his flashlight. He is puzzled but continues on to the cabin.

He bursts into the cabin and hears her final scream as it fades to a splash. The back door of the cabin is standing open and the railing beyond has been broken. He runs to the porch and peers into the dark water below and glimpses Alice sinking into its depths. Without thinking, he dives in after her and everything goes black.

When Alan regains consciousness, he is seated at the wheel of his wrecked car, which is perched on the edge of a cliff. He has a wound on his right temple that is bleeding slowly, and obviously has no idea how he ended up there. He does know, however, that something terrible has happened to Alice and that he must help her.

Checking the car, he finds a copy of The Creator’s Dilemma, the book written by Dr. Emil Hartman, and briefly recalls his fight with Alice. He dismisses the book as worthless and has particular disdain for Hartman’s “smug face on the cover”. Since his cell phone appears to be dead, he has no choice but to look for help on foot, despite the fact he has no light source, nor a weapon. He sees a gas station in the distance and heads through the forest toward it.

Shortly after setting out, his car decides to fall over the cliff and crashes to the canyon floor. As he continues, a blinding light similar to the one that opened the cabin wall for him appears up ahead. He runs to it calling out, but is greeted with the soft rustle of paper floating on the wind. A couple of sheets settle at his feet and he picks one up and reads. It turns out the pages are from one of Alan’s novels called Departure, which is puzzling to him because he’s never gotten around to actually writing the novel. The scene on the page he holds describes the hero of the story being attacked by an axe murderer in the woods at night.

Continuing on to the gas station, he rounds a bend and notices a small office inside a lumberyard up ahead has its lights on. Hoping he can find a phone there, he climbs over the fence using a tree that has fallen against it, and begins searching the lumber yard (Manuscript, Nightmare only: to left of fence on a fallen tree). It isn’t long before he finds Mr. Stucky. Alan tries to talk with him, but as Stucky turns, Alan notices that he is Taken. Stucky pulls his axe from a nearby logger and begins pursuing Alan (Coffee Thermos: Go past the corpse that Stucky killed and a thermos is near a bulldozer at the back).

Alan runs through the lumber yard without aim, having no idea what to do being unarmed (Manuscript: On the ground to the right of where you begin after the cutscene ends). Stucky taunts him and jumps around on top of the stacks of logs Alan is running through before finally coming down to the ground to head for the kill. Alan sees the open office with lights on just ahead past the log stacks and runs into it. As he slams the door, Stucky’s axe blade comes through it, but sticks fast in the door.

Alan searches the office and finds a gun and flashlight, as he does so, he can hear Stucky outside shouting random gibberish. He also finds a phone, but has no time to use it before Stucky cuts the lines outside. A bulldozer in the yard suddenly springs to life and begins driving toward the office. Alan just manages to make it out as the bulldozer sweeps the office over the side of the mountain and the bulldozer goes over with it. Alan hopes without conviction that Stucky met the same fate.

Reentering the lumber yard, Alan is attacked by some Taken, but not Stucky. After dealing with them, he shines his light on a stack of logs to reveal light-sensitive paint in the shape of an arrow. Following the direction of the arrow, he finds more light-sensitive paint that leads him to a chest filled with items including a flare gun. There is a torch symbol painted in the light-sensitive paint on the wall above the chest. Now well-armed, and without any other choices, Alan must make it to the gas station.

He eventually comes to the river and must zig-zag his way across on logs that have conveniently toppled across it. He finds several other manuscript pages on the way, and when he reaches the opposite bank, he begins to hear Stucky’s voice again, stalking him. But he only encounters a couple of Taken, discovers more manuscript pages and finds a few more chests near torch symbols. He even has to use some of the logging equipment to make his escape from the lumber yard.

Just before leaving the lumber yard, Stucky finally catches up with Alan. He is much faster than the other Taken Alan has come across thus far. As Stucky speeds around he is nothing but a blur and it is difficult to train the flashlight on him. It also seems his protective darkness layer is thicker than regular Taken. After some doing, Alan finally manages to burn off his protection and gun him down. Stucky’s body disappears with a puff of black smoke.

When he finally reaches the gas station, he discovers that he has lost a week since he and Alice first arrived in Bright Falls. Upon entering through the open garage door, he finds the garage has been left in complete disarray. He’s pretty sure it shows signs of a scuffle.

Suddenly a television in the garage flashes a bright light and then begins showing images. The footage is of Alan pacing around in his study muttering to himself about how he’ll finish the story, that it will come true and he’ll save Alice by doing so. He doesn't know what to make of the scene from the television. Once inside the gas station’s store, he finds the phone and is able to call the sheriff’s office.

Soon after, Sarah Breaker arrives in her prowler and Alan meets her in front of the station. He begins recounting the events he’s been through, including that his wife was taken from their cabin on Diver’s Isle. Sheriff Breaker informs him that the island and the cabin atop it sank into the lake during a violent volcanic eruption in the 1970s. She can see that Alan has had a rough time and suggests that he get into her car and that they’ll go and check out the lake before heading to the sheriff’s station. She then asks him if he’s seen Mr. Stucky, who has apparently gone missing. He decides not to tell her about the encounter with Stucky in the forest partly because she wouldn't believe him and partly because he didn't want to lose her help finding Alice.

They drive out to the lake, and sure enough, there is no island and no cabin...




Alan Wake Remastered - 100% Achievement & Trophy Walkthrough - Episode 1- Nightmare

This walkthrough will:

  • Tell you how to progress through the game.
  • Inform you of the storyline achievements you should earn (The achievements you will obtain through the storyline).

This walkthrough won't:

  • Tell you how to find all the chests.
  • Tell you how to find all the coffee thermoses.
  • Tell you how to obtain every single achievement in the game.

A Writer's Dream

“Stephen King once wrote that nightmares exist outside of logic, and there’s little fun to be had in explanations. They’re antithetical to the poetry of fear. In a horror story, the victim keeps asking why, but there can be no explanation, and there shouldn't be one. The unanswered mystery is what stays with us the longest, and it’s what we’ll remember in the end. My name is Alan Wake. I’m a writer. I've always had a vivid imagination, but this dream unsettled me. It was wild, and dark, and weird, even by my standards. So yes… it began with a dream. Following a typical nightmare pattern, I was late, desperately trying to reach my destination… a lighthouse. For some urgent reason I couldn’t remember, I’d been driving too fast down a coastal road to get there. I’d seen the hitchhiker too late… He was dead. I was convinced they’d put me in jail and I would never see Alice again. Suddenly, his body was gone.” - Alan Wake, opening monologue

The first part of the episode is a tutorial on how to play the game. The first thing you will be ask to do is to look up at the light, which can be done using the right analogue stick, which moves the camera around. The screen will then ask if you wish to invert the movements. Choose which one satisfies you the most. You then use the left analogue stick to walk forward, which you should do so. Then it will ask you to sprint, which can be done using the LB button. As soon as you walk far enough forward, the camera will direct towards the lighthouse, which you are to head to in that direction. The bridge has been destroyed, so you need to head to the right of you, where you will see a walkway. When you travel down the walkway, the camera will redirect you to a humanoid figure (which is known as one of the Taken) standing by your car, watching you. Then all of a sudden, he will appear in front of you. He will start swinging an axe around, and you need to jump down from the walkway to escape him for the moment. Walk forward and down the stairs and follow the path, and jump over the barrier in the way. You will then find yourself in a little fenced area, which is where you will learn to dodge. The figure will appear in front of you and you need to dodge his attacks by pressing the LB button and the left analogue stick at the same time just before he attacks. You need to do this twice in order to progress. He will then disappear for a few seconds. Walk towards the gate and it will soon open by itself. Once you cross the bridge, the Taken will soon appear behind you and turn into a tornado. You must sprint from him as far away as possible as he cannot be stopped when he is a tornado. Just keep following the path and you will come to a longer bridge, which you need to cross. Cross it and there will be a man waiting for you on the other side, who seems to know you. He will direct you into the cabin and then the Taken will destroy the bridge. Enter the cabin, but the door will shut behind you, leaving the other man locked out. The Taken will turn back into humanoid form and the man will try to shoot him, but the bullets wont work. The Taken then takes his axe and kills the man, and then looks up at you through the window.

For the moment, you cannot do anything but wait for the level to progress by itself. You might as well look about the cabin while you wait. The level will progress as all the TV's will turn on with a huge eye looking around, and a voice saying "Die!" over and over, with a few evil laughs. The Taken will then turn back into a tornado and will damage you from the outside of the house by shaking the house, causing an almost earthquake effect. Don't worry about this as you will not die in this part of the level, but once your health is extremely low, a huge light will fade the side door away and a voice will ask you to walk into the light. Walk towards the light, and a voice will tell you that you are hurt, and to walk towards the safe haven, which is a basic lamp post. Walk towards the lamp post and stay under its light until you are fully healed. Once you are healed, the light will turn off. The light will then speak out a poem and will then recreate the destroyed stairs below you. Once the stairs are fixed, progress through the level, and the light will then tell you that the Taken cannot be harmed because it is shrouded in darkness, and the only way to harm it is to burn away the darkness using light. The voice gives you a flashlight and you need to burn away the darkness. At this point, the Taken won't harm you just yet. Then he will tell you about how to harm it with guns, which is to burn away the darkness and then shoot, which you must do until the Taken is destroyed. A gun will appear and once you pick up the gun, the Taken can then harm you. Shoot at the Taken until it disappears. The light then tells you to remember what you have been taught and that he will give you back your dream, and the light will soon disappear. After a small camera movement towards the lighthouse and Alan's background narrating, the gate in front of you will then open.

Walk through the gate and you should see more Taken in front of you, so kill them. Along the way, you should come to a red box, which contains a flare gun with flare ammo, which will come in handy with multiple Taken surrounding you, so bear that in mind. Carry on through and you will be attacked by three Taken at once. This is one of the best times to use the flare gun, so it would be best if you did so. If not, use the revolver and torch. Keep moving and you should come across a few more Taken. Then when you jump off a rock onto a road, another Taken from a distance will turn into a tornado and will chase you. If you stay staring at it too long, it will hurl things right at you so it is best to keep moving. Head across the bridge, but make sure you dodge the items thrown at you as the items will break the bridge. The bridge seems to break in an order, so make sure you follow these directions, and keep running: Move left, then move right, move left again, and then carry on crossing the bridge. Enter the lighthouse as soon as possible. It will then switch to a cut-scene where the tornado will soon stop outside the lighthouse and Alan will hide around the corner. The Taken will keep knocking at the door but then things will soon fall quiet. Alan then walks to the stairs leading to the top of the lighthouse. The main light soon goes off, and Alan looks around to see what is going on. Alan looks up and we see through the eyes of what is coming down the stairs to get him, but we do not know what it is. It then attacks him, everything goes dark and a voice whispers "He's here".

Welcome to Bright Falls

Alan immediately wakes up to the comfort of his wife, Alice, who tells him he's just had another nightmare. Alice then tells him that they have arrived at Bright Falls. Alice will then say that since they are on vacation, they should act like it, so she asks you to stand by a man gazing out at the town. He talks to you and tells you his name is Pat Maine, who is the DJ host for KBF-FM, the local radio station. Alan introduces himself as Alan Wake and Pat tells him that he recognizes Alan as a very famous writer and Pat is pleased to meet him. Pat wishes to get a radio interview with him, but Alan declines and tells him that all he wants is to be on vacation with his wife and hopes Pat could keep the secret that Alan Wake is even in Bright Falls. Walk back over to Alice after you finish your conversation. Alan's phone rings, and the person calling is Barry Wheeler, Alan's best friend and literary agent. Barry goes on about that if Alan needs him, one phone call is all that is needed and will hop on a plane over to Bright Falls right away. Alan just tells him that everything is all right and there's nothing to worry about. After he hangs up, Alice complains that Barry is going to keep calling many times during the vacation, and just after she says that, Barry sends a text to say hi to Alice. The boat will then reach the land, so head back to your car, which is the one at the front right of the boat. Once on land, Alice tells Alan they need to head to the local diner to get the key from Mr. Stucky, who is the landlord of the place they are staying in. Once you reach the diner, Alan gets out the car and Alice says she is going to fill up the car with some gas and will be back in fifteen minutes. She drives away and Alan walks into the diner, where he meets one of the waitresses, Rose Marigold, who gets overly hyped about meeting Alan Wake, and tells him she is a big fan of his. Alan is "flattered" and asks if Mr. Stucky was around, and Rose tells him that he is most likely in the rest room.

Walk to the left side of the diner (the right side is blocked off). A man at a table will ask you to turn on the jukebox, but you do not need to do so if you don't want to. Walk to the doorway where an old woman is looking down the corridor and she will tell you that if you are not careful, you could get hurt in the dark, hence the corridor being very dark. Once you reach the end of the corridor, turn left and knock on the door of the male restroom. Nobody will answer, but an old woman covering her face will tell you that Mr. Stucky couldn't make it. She hands you the key and the instructions on how to get to the lake. She tells you how she looks forward to seeing how they settle into "her cabin", and on seeing Alan's wife. Walk back in the direction you came from. The man who asked you to turn on the jukebox will now be fast asleep. Walk out of the diner and Alice will pick you up. Alan will tell her he has the key and the instructions. Alice tells Alan that they also have flashlights, just in case the lights are off and they drive off. Then Mr. Stucky runs out of the diner out of breath, shouting at the car, telling them he has the key with him, and yells them to come back, but it is too late.

While driving to Cauldron Lake, Alice explains that Bright Falls would be a wonderful setting for a book, but Alan tries to take that idea out of his mind because they are supposed to be on vacation. They turn on the radio, when we can hear the KBF-FM radio host, Pat Maine, whom Alan met earlier. Through the cut-scene, Alan explains that he hasn't managed to write anything in two years. They arrive at Cauldron Lake, where there is a very small island containing one house and a shed further up the island. Alan and Alice are amazed at how wonderful it looks. Alan then tells Alice that he will get her inside safely, as Alice has a phobia, which is known as Nyctophobia, which is a fear of the dark. Walk across the bridge and unlock the door to the house. You will see the lights are all off. To turn them on, carry on past the front door and head towards the shed further down the island, which contains the generator to turn on the lights in the house. To start the generator, you need to press A when the white dot ends up in the green area. You need to do this approximately three times, and then the generator will turn on.

The lights will now turn on and Alice will freshen up and get settled in. If you wish to, you can explore the island and once you are done, head towards a tree stump and examine it. It will turn into a cut-scene where the sun will soon set.

Return to Alice who can be found in the house upstairs in the bedroom. Whilst you walk upstairs, she tells you she has a surprise for you. When you walk into the bedroom, even though she has nearly fully stripped, she is not the surprise. She tells you to go into the room opposite, and inside it is a desk with a typewriter. Alice hoped that because they are staying in Bright Falls for a little while, that it could hopefully bring back Alan's creative flow. However, Alan is not pleased to see the typewriter and has a huge go at Alice. Alice tries to tell him that there is a local doctor, Dr. Emil Hartman, whom she hopes could try and help Alan with the writers block he has. The lights go out (if you look carefully, you can see a woman figure flashing in the darkness, whom you may remember from earlier) and Alice panics. The lights come back on after but Alan soon walks out of the house. His narrating says that he knew Alice wouldn't follow him into the darkness and needed time alone to think for a while. He crosses the bridge, trips but picks himself back up. He takes out his torch and stands for a few seconds to think. In the background we see the house, and as the lights go out, we hear Alice shout Alan's name. Alan just hears her and calls out her name.

Cross over the bridge, but be warned because as soon as you cross the bridge, birds will start to attack you, which seems to have been taken over by the darkness. Use your torch to burn them away (Unlike the Taken, as soon as light touches them, they will die instantly). Walk to the front door and open it. Alan will enter the house and hear the screams of Alice being taken away. He walks outside the back and looks into the river and sees a figure in the water. Presuming it's Alice, Alan jumps in to save her.

Waking up to a Nightmare


Mission Objectives

Below are a full list of objectives you receive throughout the episode.

  • Get to the lighthouse. - After you have learned to walk and run etc.
  • Follow the light. - After the door is burned away in the cabin.
  • Get to the lighthouse. - After you have learned how to fight.
  • Pose for Alice. - After Alice asks you to stand at the front of the ferry next to a man.
  • Get back to the car. - When Alice asks you to do so.
  • Find Carl Stucky. - After you speak to Rose in the diner.
  • Leave the diner. - After you've received the keys from a strange woman.
  • Go to the cabin. - Just after you and Alice have arrived at the island.
  • Get the power on. - Just after you go inside the cabin.
  • Return to Alice. - After a small cutscene.
  • Go to the study. - After Alice tells you to.
  • Reach the gas station. - After Alan spots the station in the distance.
  • Find help. - After you spot a small cabin in the distance.
  • Call for help. - After you get inside the cabin.
  • Reach the gas station. - After you escape the building.
  • Reach the path above. - After you notice the broken stairs.
  • Find a generator. - After you realize there is no power.
  • Reach the path above. - Once you've turned on the generator.
  • Reach the gas station. - Once you've crossed the logs.
  • Enter the gas station. - Once you reach the station.
  • Find a phone. - Once you enter the station.


  • The sign on the broken bridge during the Nightmare sequence reads "Welcome to Night Springs"
  • In the opening Nightmare sequence there are many posters that foreshadow the events of the game.
  • On the signpost where you first encounter the hitchhiker, there is a poster advertising one of Alan Wake's Alex Casey novels.
  • Throughout the dream sequence, there are numerous "Missing" posters for none other than Alan.
  • Thomas Zane makes a few appearances as well. A few posters show his signature diving suit; one bearing the title "Tom the Poet", with the image of him seen during the final cinematic (inside of the cabin).
  • All the Taken in Alan's nightmare are all copies of the same Hitchhiker.
  • The date for the section between Alan's nightmare and when Alice goes missing is 1 September, and the remaining events of this episode is the 8 September 2010.
  • Deerfest is an event that occurs between September 15-18. According to the gas station, it was 7 days until Deerfest, making it the 8th. Alan then said that it had been a week since Alice went missing, making the previous events 1 September.
  • When you first open the front door of the cabin on Diver's Isle and it is dark in the cabin. Wait for a bit and you can hear footsteps. Alan then replies with " is there anybody in here?"
  • It is possible to find the typewriter room before restoring the power to the cabin, doing so will cause Alan to recall the events from the nightmare and see a few flashes of Barbara Jagger. An old photo of Thomas Zane in his diving suit can also be found in the room.
  • In the PC version of the game, there is an added QR code on the billboard in the Nightmare. Scanning it takes you to the Official Alan Wake Facebook Page.
  • A nightmare manuscript page from episode 6 recalls the events from the nightmare sequence and describes Zane's light as a 'UFO', this calls back to an early mission where Alan encounters a UFO and follows its beam of light in the dark. The developers noted that the early mission helped them in figuring out how to guide the player in dark areas, potentially inspiring Zane's way of guiding the player in the episode.