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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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The following page will provide a guide for the first episode of Alan Wake, Nightmare, including the location of collectibles and the achievements that can be obtained.


A Writer's Dream[]

The first section of the episode serves as a tutorial for the game. You will be instructed how to look up (and you will be given the possibility to invert the controls), to walk forward, and to sprint.

  • Get to the lighthouse.

With the highway bridge destroyed, you will have to proceed through the hiking trail on the right. While traveling down the wooden walkway, the camera will redirect you to the possessed hitchhiker standing by Alan’s car, which will immediately reappear in front of you. As he begins swinging his axe around, you will need to keep your distance before jumping down from the walkway to escape. Walk forward and down the stairs, following the path, and jump over the barrier in the way. Once you reach a small clearing, the hitchhiker will reappear and you will be instructed how to dodge his attacks. After dodging two of them, the hitchhiker will banish and you will be able to progress. After crossing the bridge, the Taken will reappear behind you and turn into a tornado. You must sprint from him as far away as possible through the path until reaching a large rope bridge. Clay Steward will be waiting for you on the other side and will direct you into the cabin. Once inside, after hearing the Hitchhiker taunts on the televisions, the cabin will begin to tremble violently, inevitably hurting you, before one of the walls is disintegrated by a bright light, which will then tell you to follow it.

  • Follow the light.

The light will guide you towards a safe haven. Stay in it until you are completely healed. After reciting a poem, the light will reconstruct a destroyed set of stairs, allowing you to proceed to a nearby clearing. In it, the hitchhiker will reappear and the light will instruct you how to kill him. A flashlight will be dropped on a nearby trunk. Pick it up and use it to burn away the darkness protecting the taken. You will be then given a revolver. Pick it up and use it to kill the hitchhiker.

  • Get to the lighthouse.

After the light departs, the gate in front of you will be opened, allowing you to continue. There is a box with ammunition that you can pick up nearby. Continuing through the hiking path, you will be attacked by multiple copies of the hitchhiker. By boosting the light of the flashlight, you can blind enemies and burn the darkness away faster. There will be another safe haven ahead with an emergency box containing supplies, including a flare gun and its respective ammunition. Following this, three more copies of the hitchhiker will appear, which can be easily killed by using the flare gun. Once you arrive at the road that leads directly into the lighthouse, a tornado will appear, from which you must escape. As you make your way to the lighthouse, the tornado will start throwing heavy objects at you. While they will not hit you, they will, however, damage the wooden bridge and cause you to fall. After crossing the bridge, enter the lighthouse as soon as possible.

Welcome to Bright Falls[]

  • Pose for Alice

On the ferry, Alice will ask you to stand next to Pat Maine while she takes photographs. After Maine finishes talking with you, all what is left to do is waiting until the ferry reaches the pier.

  • Get back to the car

Once the ferry arrives at the town, enter the car.

  • Find Carl Stucky

After entering to the Oh Deer Diner, head to the restrooms on the back of the building. On the way there, Odin Anderson will ask you to put “Coconut” on the jukebox behind him, which you can do by approaching the jukebox and pressing the button. The mechanism will get stuck, so you will have to smack the jukebox.

  • Leave the diner

Once you have obtained the keys, exit the diner.

  • Go to the cabin

On Cauldron Lake, cross the rope bridge to Diver’s Isle and enter the Bird Leg Cabin.

  • Get the power on

Alice will ask you to restore the power. Enter the small shed near the cabin and start the old generator.

  • Return to Alice

Enter the cabin and meet with Alice upstairs.

  • Go to the Study

Enter the study, on the room opposite.

  • Get to Alice

After Alan exits the cabin, cross the bridge and return to it. You will be attacked by taken crows, which you can (optionally) destroy with your flashlight.

Waking up to a Nightmare[]

  • Reach the gas station

After exiting the car and noticing the gas station, head down the path through the forest. You will soon approach a bright light and receive two manuscript pages. Continue down the forest path until you see the logging camp.

  • Find help.

Enter the logging camp though the fallen tree. Once inside, after seeing the taken Carl Stucky, make your way through the log maze. Once Stucky reappears, enter the camp office.

  • Call for help

Inside the cabin, you will obtain a revolver and a flashlight. There are also batteries and ammunition for the revolver you can pick up. Proceed to use the phone to call for help. However, the phone call will be interrupted and a possessed bulldozer will sweep the office. Once the office door is opened by the impact, exit the building before it is pushed down the cliff.

  • Reach the gas station

Continuing through the logging camp, you will be ambushed by a pair of taken. After killing them, you will have to cut the power of an electricity pole that fell over a gate by kicking a nearby fuse box in order to continue. You will soon reach an excavator and be attacked by another taken. There is an emergency box nearby. Proceed through the gap in the fence at the right and descend down the hill onto a rocky edge. Once you arrive at the river, make use a fallen tree to cross to the first island and a pile of timber logs to cross to the second. A natural rock bridge will lead you to the other edge of the river. There is a wooden bookcase with batteries and ammunition next to it. After crossing the riven, two taken will attack you before you reach the second logging camp.

  • Reach the path above

As the stairs leading out of the camp are destroyed, you will have to make use of a nearby control panel to move a log lift. There is an emergency box on a tree nearby.

  • Find a generator

In order to use the control panel you must first find and activate the portable generator on the other end of the camp, near a small shed. Once you find it, three taken will attack you. A shotgun can also be found inside the shed.

  • Reach the path above

Once the generator has been activated, use it to move the log lift between to piles of logs. The lift can be used as a bridge which can be used, after climbing the stairs of the first log pile, to cross to the second pile and finally exit the second camp.

  • Reach the gas station

Once outside the camp, continue to advance through the hill. A small shed with shotgun ammunition and a safe haven can be found outside the camp. After reaching the rocky cliff, you will descend down a dark forest. In it, you can find a generator that powers a safe haven, but before you can fully activate it, two taken will appear. Follow the light of the safe haven above the forest to continue advancing. An emergency box can be found near it. After descending onto a rocky edge near an abandoned bulldozer, follow the path downhill towards the third and final logging camp. Three taken will ambush before arriving. Once there, enter the shed to open the gate. A shotgun and its corresponding ammunition can also be found inside shed. Proceed to camp, where you will face the possessed Carl Stucky, alongside five more taken. A box with unlimited revolver ammunition and lithium batteries can be found on the area. After killing the taken, use the control box on the fence to open the gate and exit the camp to the gas station. Follow the perimeter fence to the right.

  • Enter the gas station

Proceed to the gas station through the garage.

  • Find a phone

Once inside, look for the telephone on the counter of station’s shop and use it to call the Sheriff Station.


Story-related achievements[]

# Icon Name Description Points Trophy
1 Follow the Light Follow the Light Take a night course of light education. 10G Bronze
2 Nordic Walking Nordic Walking Take a walk through the logging area, and meet one of the quirky locals. 10G Bronze
3 Bright Falls' Finest Bright Falls' Finest Call for help. 20G Bronze


Manuscript Pages[]

# Image Name Section Location Difficulty
1 The Title Page of the Manuscript Waking up to a Nightmare Found by Alan Wake after it is left behind by Thomas Zane. All
2 Wake Attacked by a Shadowy Murderer
3 Wake Fights a Taken with Light On the first of the Biltmore Logging Camps, lying on the ground near a pile of processed logs.
4 The Dark Presence Wakes Up Lying on one of the flat boulders that form a natural bridge over the creek, before the second logging camp. Nightmare
5 Wake Attacked by Birds Inside a small logging hut, near the generator in the second logging camp. All
6 Wake Finds Pages Lying on the ground at the top of the hill, after a Safe Haven, on the far side of the second logging camp.
7 TV in the Gas Station Near a group of green barrels in the forest between the second and third logging camps.
8 Wake Lies to the Sheriff In front of the main gate of the third logging camp.
9 Stucky Taken Under the parade float outside Stucky's Gas Station.
10 Rose Daydreams About Wake Pinned on the wall of an old shed located near the bulldozer outside the first logging camp.
11 Barry's Arrival Over a silver metal cabinet on the edge of the waterfall rapids, before the second logging camp.
12 Toby the Dog Pinned to the left of the women's restroom door, behind Stucky's Gas Station. Nightmare
13 Rose is a Fan Lying on a fallen tree outside the first logging camp.

TV Shows[]

# Image Name Section Location
1 Quantum Suicide Waking up to a Nightmare Inside the small shed outside the third Biltmore logging camp.
2 Writer in the Cabin 1 Inside the Stucky's Gas Station garage.

Radio Shows[]

# Image Name Section Location
1 A Famous Deerfest Guest Welcome to Bright Falls On the back porch of the Bird Leg Cabin, on Diver's Isle.
2 Have You Seen This Dog? Waking up to a Nightmare Inside a hut, on the far side of the second Biltmore logging camp.


# Image Name Section Location
1 The 68th Annual Deerfest Waking up to a Nightmare On the shop of Stucky's Gas Station.

Coffee Thermos[]

# Image Section Location
1 A Writer's Dream Inside the ruined covered bridge.
2 Inside the small military bunker of Rain Cove Point.
3 On a log bench on the Rain Cove Point Lighthouse.
4 Welcome to Bright Falls On a kitchen trolley in the Oh Deer Diner, under the neon sign with the name of the restaurant.
5 In the vista view overlooking Cauldron Lake.
6 In the kitchen of the Bird Leg Cabin.
7 Waking up to a Nightmare By the pickup truck, in the log maze of the first Biltmore logging camp.
8 On a small boulder in the small island in the middle of the river.
9 On a small boulder in the second logging camp, behind a large pile of logs.
10 Over the ridge overlooking Stucky's Gas Station, after the second logging camp.
11 Behind the rocks on the promontory, near the generator-powered safe haven, between the second and third logging camps.
12 On the caterpillar tracks of the yellow crane in the third logging camp.
13 Next to Stucky's Gas Station prices signs.
14 Next to the green truck blocking the entrance to the tunnel.

Can Pyramids[]

# Image Section Location
1 A Writer's Dream On the fence of the clearing where the revolver is first obtained.
2 Waking up to a Nightmare On the table of the balcony with the broken staircase, on the second logging camp.


# Image Section Location Content
1 Waking up to a Nightmare Behind the storage bay of the first Biltmore logging camp. One flare gun.
2 Inside the dilapidated shack above the second logging camp. Two packs of lithium batteries.
3 Inside a dilapidated wooden structure with a rusted pickup truck, found behind the small shed with a safe haven, after the second logging camp. One flare gun.
4 Uphill from the third logging camp, near the bulldozer, in a half-circle of boulders. One flare gun.

QR Codes[]

# Image Section Location Result
1 A Writer's Dream On the noticeboard, after the encounter with the Taken Hitchhiker. Link to the official Alan Wake Facebook account. (Original)

Link to YouTube video: Vision 01 (Remastered)