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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Emma Sloan is a character who appears in Alan Wake's American Nightmare.


Alan Wake first encounters Emma at the Desert Shore Motel when he finds out she has a manuscript page for him. She tells Alan where he can find the item he needs. After the satellite falls from the sky, she panics. She is not long after attacked by Taken, to which she barricades out. After she realizes what's going on, she tells Alan she is going to leave. Alan demands she stays where she is, but she refuses to listen. Eventually, she is killed by Taken.

Then after the time loop, she vaguely remembers dying. She tells Alan that she has all the parts he needs besides the battery since it was taken from her. He goes and gets it back where she recharges it again. This time she listens to what Alan says since the last time she died. Unfortunately, after he leaves her, the doors slam shut behind him and she dies again as the lights go out due to the Taken sabotaging the fuse box. After another time loop, she clearly remembers dying, and refuses to give Alan anything until he makes sure the lights won't go out on her. Fortunately, the lights remain on and she survives. She also tells Alan that she was the one who set everything up at the oil tower.


  • It would seem that Emma has a New Age worldview, as the narrator mentions crystals and other such things that would lead one to draw such a conclusion.
  • As evidenced by a manuscript page, most of the townspeople don't treat her well due to being a female mechanic. They do however still rely on her to repair their vehicles.
  • Emma is the only person thus far to know what it is like to be killed by the Taken and live.