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Elderwood Ring Slice is a slice of a tree found on the path to Lovers' Peak within Elderwood National Park.


The tree this ring was cut from started growing in 1846, the year the Oregon Treaty was signed. Other notable events marked on the rings:

  • 1853—The Washington Territory was formed.
  • 1878—The founding of the Bright Falls Mining Co., and the town itself.
  • 1889—Washington was granted statehood.
  • 1929—Tree damaged in a forest fire.
  • 1970—The Bright Falls Mining Co. closes its doors after a volcanic eruption below Cauldron Lake.
  • 1980—Mt. St. Helens erupts.
  • 1987—Tree felled by storm.

Events of Alan Wake[]

Alan Wake briefly visits the tree slice in Taken, though finds it swinging by itself when he encounters it, as if it had been pushed by someone. He finds a coffee thermos near it before making his way to the cable car nearby.


  • There is no official name for this tree slice.