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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Elderwood Palace Lodge is a location appearing in Alan Wake 2. It replaced the "Vicar" building from the original Alan Wake game.


The lodge is found within Elderwood National Park and acts as a hotel.

Appearance Transcript
Elderwood Palace Lodge - Historic Plaque The historic Elderwood Palace Lodge of Bright Falls

This building was constructed as a part of one of the early settlements in the greater Bright Falls area. Built in 1898, the building has been both in private and public use through the years and has bravely stood the test of time. In 2015, it was carefully taken apart and relocated here in downtown Bright Falls, where it was re-built into its original glory log by log. The Elderwood Palace Lodge re-opened in Bright Falls in 2016 and has served its customers faithfully ever since.

Events of Alan Wake 2[]

The Elderwood Palace Lodge acts as the FBI Field Office during FBI Agents Anderson and Casey's investigations into the Cauldron Lake Murders.


Guest Rooms[]

Rooms 103, 104, and 106 remain locked for the duration of Alan Wake 2.

Room 101[]

Room 101 is where FBI Agent Saga Anderson stays during her investigations in Bright Falls. Her room notably has her FBI windbreaker, several scattered files on the desk and floor, and a photograph of her family on the bedside table.

Room 102[]

Room 102 is where FBI Agent Alex Casey stays during his investigations in Bright Falls. His room notably has a coffee machine and many empty coffee mugs and disposable coffee cups littered everywhere, including the bathroom! There are also readable notes on the desk, including a reference to the Cult of the Word.

Appearance Transcript
Elderwood Palace Lodge - Alex Casey's Lodge Room Notes RE: Cauldon Lake - look into news and rumours, focus on 2010

Cross reference with old case files from NYC cult - Similarities/commonalities in methodology? Part of series?

Find out name of good coffee from diner.

Room 105[]

Room 105 is the lodge's recreation room, including a kitchenette, table and chairs, couch, pool table, dart board, guitar, TV, books, and an arcade machine.

Room 107[]

Room 107 is where Tammy and Ed Booker stay during their visit to Bright Falls for Tammy's research. In addition to a note written by Ed, manuscript pages Ed Returns To Cauldron Lake and Tammy Rides The Ferry are found here.

Appearance Transcript
Tammy didn't want me to come. I can tell. Not like the trip is even helping. I thought getting out of the city would inspire me, but Bright Falls is just a bunch of trees and empty storefronts.

I need to find something. I'm tired of writing one act plays about how shitty the world is. I thought scathing social commentary would make me feel like a real artist, but I don't know. It's not me. I want to write something weird. Something really out there. Something authentic. But WHAT?

Fuck this town. I don't even want to get into what happened last night.

It's weird though. Sitting here in the hotel room, some pieces are starting to fall together. An idea for a new play. A space cult, burning down the galaxy in some misguided search for TBD. A lone man, an artist, wandering the stars until his destiny puts him straight in the cult's path. All black cast? A musical? A rock OPERA?

Room 108[]

Room 108 initially appears to be another locked room. After interacting with all 12 Taxidermized Deer Heads throughout Saga's story, a deer will spawn inside the Elderwood Palace Lodge. Following the deer will see it enter the now-open Room 108. Inside are many useful resources as well as several deer antlers and skulls.