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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Below are a list of hidden extras – Easter eggs – that can be found in the games Alan Wake, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, and the Bright Falls mini-series.

Alan Wake[]

Episode 1: Nightmare[]

  • When first entering the Oh Deer Diner, look up to see a menu, which includes "Bradel's Dopefish Burger".
  • Cynthia Weaver, the woman first encountered in the Oh Deer Diner holding a lantern, is likely a reference to the log lady from Twin Peaks.

Episode 2: Taken[]

  • The first two pages found in this level are voiced by Max Payne's voice actor James McCaffrey rather than Alan Wake. This is because these manuscripts are for The Sudden Stop rather than Departure.
  • Two crossed golden Beretta 9mm handguns are on display in Alan's apartment office, similarly a likely reference to the Max Payne series; the Beretta is Max's handgun of choice in both Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne.
    • The bathroom medicine-cabinet might also be a reference to the Max Payne games; it contains only one single bottle of pills (the healing item in the series).
  • After visiting Doctor Nelson, prior to entering Sarah Breaker's office, a list of missing people can be found on the left; the photos of which are actually video game developers.
  • In one of the toilets in the police station, graffiti reads "Mirra was here", a reference to a TV show character in Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne.

Episode 4: The Truth[]


Emil Phone Number

The voice message that plays if one calls Dr. Hartman's number, as well as the two Max Payne pages

  • After waking in Cauldron Lake Lodge, in the room opposite (Emerson's room), on a table is an Xbox 360 with the game Night Springs. In the remastered editions of the game, the Xbox 360 has been replaced with a generic fictional console.
  • Above the console and video game is a poster for Death Rally, Remedy Entertainment's first game.
  • A Night Springs poster is also found in the room.
  • After scanning the Microsoft Tag in Episode 4: The Truth on the second floor of the clinic, one is given Dr. Emil Hartman's phone number: 1-857-239-7601. This is an actual number, and if called, Hartman will explain his clinic's purpose. It also sounds like a Taken is echoing his words. As of August 2011, this number no longer appears to be valid.
    • In the remastered version, the Microsoft Tag has been changed with a QR code. If scanned, it will show a hidden YouTube video posted by Remedy Entertainment, showcasing one of Alan Wake’s visions.
  • The Anderson Brothers are also playing a Night Springs board game in the level.
  • Emerson, a crazy video game developer, makes a reference to Max Payne and the "Bullet Time" ability.
  • Shortly after passing the windmill on the way to the Anderson farm but just before the stage, if one goes left past the windmill to where the hidden chest is located but continues further back, behind the small barn, three graves can be found marked by wooden crosses. Approaching these graves triggers a unique encounter where the Dark Presence raises three skeletons as objects that are flung at Wake.

Episode 5: The Clicker[]

2013-06-01 00001

The "How to catch a Dopefish" book that can be seen at Bright Falls Light and Power

  • After entering Bright Falls Light & Power, Cynthia Weaver will lead Wake into a small room containing a bed and table. A book titled How to catch a Dopefish can be seen on the table with a picture of Dopefish against a blue background on the front cover.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare[]

  • If one picks up the phone in front of the motel in Act 3, they'll hear "The Deer Story", an actual event that happened at one point in Matthew Porretta's life (the voice actor of Alan Wake).

Alan Wake 2[]

  • If one uses the photo mode to examine the fishing trawler that passes by in Watery, you will find that the crew is made up entirely of stuffed teddy bears and moose.


  • The limited edition cover of Alan Wake features Alice's face and two lines of Taken.
  • There are several large red chairs located Alan Wake, likely a reference to Twin Peaks's second episode where Agent Cooper is dreaming of Laura Palmer, the victim of the murder he is investigating.

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