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Dream of Dreams is one of the collectibles found in Alan Wake. It is an episode of the television series of Night Springs.


A man named Mr Jones is seen walking through a vast nothingness of pure white in his pyjamas until he stops on queue of people. He is told by the man in front of him the man sleeping nearby is the one dreaming them, confusing Jones, who believes he was the one dreaming. The man corrects him, stating that both of them are dreams, and explains that their task is to make sure that the dreamer does not suffer from nightmares that could wake him up. Moments later, Jones hears the ticking sound of a nearby alarm clock. The man realizes that the dreamer is about to be awoken and begins to panic. The alarm clock rings, ending the dream.


Night Springs Narrator: Sleep! We all spend a third of our dreams in its soft embrace, somewhere between fantasy and oblivion. But dreams have a way of forcing themselves into waking life, or vice versa... in Night Springs. Tonight's episode: "The Dream of Dreams".

[Jones walks through the fog before stopping behind a queue of people; he then cranes his neck to look past them]

Night Springs Narrator: We join Mr. Jones as he explores the endless dreamscape, only to be brought to a sudden stop by a decidedly mundane situation: a long line of people.

Man: Hey, Jones, right? Listen, we're gonna have to wait until his highness over there is good and ready.

[points at a nearby man who is sleeping on the ground]

Jones: Oh, wow, who's that?

Man: You don't know him? What are you, new? He's the guy dreaming us... Well, not just us. He dreams everything. All of this.

Jones: But... Wait, no, I'm the one who's dreaming. I'm asleep. Isn't... isn't this my dream?

Man: Oh, yeah. Sure. Get real, pal, you're just another dream. I'm a dream, you're a dream, the weirdo in the diving suit is a dream.

[points at a man wearing a diving suit putting on his diving goggles]

Man: And the girl made of smiles and sunshine is definitely a dream.

[points at a smiling woman playing with her hair]

Jones: But I'm pretty sure I'm dreaming this.

Man: Well, maybe you're a really confused dream. What am I, a shrink? All I know is I'm going with the smart guys, and they say that's the guy doing the dreaming, right there.

[points once again at the man sleeping on the ground]

Jones: I don't know what that means.

Man: It means we keep him happy. No sudden falls. We make sure he has his clothes on when he goes out in public. No chases where the monster is nipping at his heels and he runs like crazy, but his legs don't seem to get him anywhere. None of that. 'Cause if he wakes up in a cold sweat?

Jones: Ohhhh.

Man: Yeah. Precisely. So wait 'til he wants to move on. Keep things nice and calm.

[a ticking sound of a nearby clock is heard]

Jones: Hey. Something... something's happening here.

Man: Yeah? What's that?

Jones: What? Can't you hear that?

Man: Oh God, help us, it's an alarm clock! Oh, it's you, isn't it? Please, man, I've got a wife and kids!. Please, don't wake-

[the clock ring and static covers the screen]


The Television holding this episode can be found inside the large barn on the Anderson Farm.


  • This is the only episode that doesn't have an ending narration as it cuts to static suddenly after the alarm clock rings.