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Deputies In The Morgue is one of the Collectables found in Alan Wake 2. It is one of the pages of the Return manuscript.


Mulligan and Thornton in the wreckage of the morgue. Shadows on their faces. Thornton did his best woman's voice. "I'm a stuck up FBI bitch. I'll make a big fucking mess then get these dumb backwater cops to clean it up."

Thornton turned to his partner. "These government motherfuckers! Next time, Mulligan, I'll tell her: 'You've got no clue. You let your own kid drown. You're a fucking fraud.'"

Mulligan leered. "Pinning the murder on the Bookers would have fixed this whole god damn mess. But their kind always sticks together. I reckon we should show the bitch who's boss, Thornton."

Shadows crept over Mulligan and Thornton. Inside them. They grinned.


The page depicts Mulligan and Thornton being slowly corrupted by the Dark Presence and their gradual transformation to becoming Taken. Their resentment towards Saga Anderson in taking charge of the case and making them clean up the mess in the morgue possesses them even further, leading to their decision to find and kill her when she encounters them in Watery. When the possessed Thornton and Mulligan begin the fight against Saga in the Overlap, they recite Wake's words: "Shadows crept over Mulligan and Thornton," indicating they were possessed as part of Alan's writing for Saga's story. Notably, all references to Saga (including even the pronoun "her") were edits made by Alan, suggesting the deputies were originally opposed to Alex Casey, who had always been involved from the very start in Alan's writings and the events of Initiation (which echo, or possibly even inspired, the writing of Return).


  • Location: Watery (Overlap)
  • Continue until Saga enters the Watery Overlap. This page is in the cabin, on the kitchen table.